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Adelaide Holidays

Stylish City and Sandy Beaches

River Torrens in the City of Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide – Along the South Coast of Australia

The beautiful and bustling Australian city of Adelaide is a fantastic choice if you are looking to combine the atmosphere of city life with the fantastic summer beach scene. This large city certainly has plenty to offer all tourists, from sightseeing to relaxing on Adelaide beach and partying late at night. While you will find everything and more during Adelaide travel the location on the coast makes it easy for tourists to venture out in the vast countryside.

There are plenty of Adelaide flights available once you make a transfer in Asia. Transfers are very quick as Adelaide International Airport is located almost within the city, based along the coast.

Adelaide accommodation is vast and there are plenty of great places to choose from whether you are looking for luxury or low cost rooms to stay in. As a large and highly populated city you will be able to find many Adelaide hotels offering sumptuous luxury or more modest accommodation for a much more reasonable price. Hostels and apartments will be on offer for a low price and if you are doing a bit of Adelaide travel you may be able to get a room at very short notice. No matter where you choose to stay you will find good facilities which many modern tourists have come to expect.

The public transport in the city makes Adelaide travel very easy indeed. Choose from buses, trams and trains to get to various points of Adelaide, alternatively you could get a taxi if that makes things even easier.

Adelaide – Sightseeing & Activities

Adelaide beach is arguably the most popular place for tourists and locals to relax. The long stretch of beach is the ideal place to enjoy the magnificent heat and sunshine which the city enjoys throughout most of the year. Surfing probably isn’t Australia’s national sport it’s probably the most loved along the coast of the country and it’s of little surprise as the surrounding ocean provides ideal waves. Those who aren’t keen surfers need not worry because there are plenty of fun and exhilarating water sports on offer all day long.

Learn a bit of history on during your Adelaide travel by heading to the Migration museum or the South Australian Museum. National Parks are a very popular source of entertainment for tourists as they can see the various and rare species of animals and insects which inhabit Australia up close and personal. Choose from places like the Cleland Conservation Park and the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary for a fascinating experience.

Australia’s natural beauty is never in question but for those who have never experienced it the best place to go is the Bicentennial Conservatory at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Various lush green and exotic plant life is grown here and kept in a humid atmosphere.

Sport is a big part of Australian life and at the Adelaide Oval, AAMI Stadium and the Hindmarsh Stadium you can expect to fill your boots on many of the nations much loved games.

Shopping is very good during an Adelaide holiday and as a big city there is plenty of option to buy fine designer goods and electrical items. Choose from Tea Tree Plaza, Westfield Marion Shopping Centre and Harbour Town for good shopping.

Adelaide – Cuisine & Nightlife

As you will find, Adelaide is a very big city and so you can expect there to be a vast choice of places to eat morning, noon and night. Various drop-in cafes are available for light bites during the day, as are many fast food restaurants. On an evening you will be able to choose from a plethora of fantastic restaurants serving what is typical, and divine, Australian cuisine. You will also find a good variety of cuisine including Italian and Chinese restaurants which are always a popular option.

Evenings in Adelaide can be as lively as you want them to be with a many options available. The pub scene is as popular here as back in the UK so there are many places you can sit and enjoy a sociable drink with sports on the TV. Bars are also just as popular where you can enjoy a drink with some light background music. The nightclubs are where most people tend to end up drinking and dancing long into the morning hours. Aside from the drinking culture you can enjoy various other options such as catching a movie or going to see live performing arts in one of the fabulous theatres.

Adelaide – Weather & Climate

The weather in Adelaide is typical of Australia which means that there is rarely a cold moment through the course of the year. Summer occurs during the UK’s winter months which is ideal is you are looking to avoid the cold snap. Enjoy average highs of around 30°C as you soak up the sun on Adelaide beach, minimal rainfall makes this all the better.

Winter will come during the UK’s summer, although the temperatures won’t be too dissimilar. During the day from June till September the average temperature will still be somewhere around 15°C. The rainfall will be more frequent but not something that should overly concern you if you are planning a trip during this time of the year.

Where is Adelaide?

Take a look at this map of Adelaide before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Adelaide
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