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Alcudia - Aucanada island and lighthouse, Majorca, Balearic Islands

Why are Holidays to Alcudia so popular?

Alcudia is a lively resort located on the coast of Majorca that offers a fantastic holiday under the sun yet a quiet place that appeals to many families.

Getting to the resort can take an hour and a half from the airport but as you reach the Alcudia you start to see that the journey is worth it. Alcudia is a truly diverse section of Majorca, with jutting cliffs, huge mountains and crystal clear water; it has quickly turned into a very popular destination for couples and families. There is a good mix of daytime and night-time activities to keep you entertained. If you want to enjoy a quiet stroll along the beach or hit the bars or world class restaurants there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what to actually do when you are on holiday in Alcudia!

The Activities of Alcudia

Bikes by the sea in Alcudia, Mallorca (Majorca) Spain

Because the beach is the focus of the island, people who want to indulge in water sports will find this place wonderful. Holidaymakers who are adventurous can do activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, paragliding, jet-skiing and taking rides on banana boats. The resort also offer boat trips using glass bottom boats where you can see the underwater creatures as well you can jump off into the sea during the boat trips. There is also a massive Hidropark (water park) where there are water slides, wave pools, mini-golf and boating pools. As you can see it really is a place that revolves around water!

Aside from the water sports though, the whole family can also enjoy and bond while:

- Taking a horse ride
- Hiring a car and following the coast road
- Bike riding through the nature areas of Alcudia
- Go-karting
- Playing tennis, squash or football

Booking all inclusive holidays to Alcudia can mean that you have more budget freed up to embrace the activities on the island.

There are also many fiestas that the locals take extremely seriously and are held around June, July and August, so people going for holidays to Alcudia then will be able to catch a glimpse of the Spanish doing what they do best.... Partying!

Hopefully on your trip to Alcudia you will be able to find something that gets you excited and have the time of your life.

Top Class Cuisine and Long Sandy Beaches

Spanish Seafood Paella, traditional recipe found in Alcudia

Spain is renowned for its restaurants and fantastic food with the famous El Bulli being voted as the world’s number 1 restaurant year after year. Great food is something the Spanish pride themselves on. In Alcudia this is no different, you can get restaurants that range from Michelin star quality such as El Jardin with their romantic atmosphere and degustation menu all the way through to the cheap and cheerful Pizzeria Don Vito recommended for the family atmospheres and cheaper prices.

If you still have energy left and want to hit the town after your meal there are a range of fun loving bars to cater to the night owls, otherwise you can hit the beach again for a midnight stroll or even go for a little night time swim.

Water and Weather Temperature

Amphora from roman culture on the beach in Alcudia

Gorgeous summer weather is what you can expect if you visit Alcudia in the months of July and August with average temperatures of 24 degrees C and 25 degrees C respectively. After that it tends to dip towards averages of 10 degrees C and 9 degrees C in the winter months, so there is a reason why the summer months are the most popular for people taking holidays to Alcudia!

With water temperatures in the summer months around the same averages as the air temperatures with 24 degrees C and 25 degrees C the water is extremely inviting, combine this with the 9mm rainfall expected for the entire month of July I think we know which month looks like the best one to pay a visit to this part of the Island.

Where is Alcudia?

Take a look at this map of Alcudia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Alcudia
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