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Cala Bona Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Cala Bona

Cala Bona hotels and the rocky beach of Mediterranean Sea, Majorca island, Spain

Cala Bona - Sandy Beaches & Working Harbours

Holidays in Cala Bona are popular with holiday makers seeking the quieter side of Majorca. Cala Bona’s quaint appearance makes for a wonderful holiday retreat. Located on the eastern side of the island the resort is only minutes away from social and tourist hubs.

Cala Bona is a great place if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. The beaches in Cala Bona themselves tend to be quite small and situated between the various outcrops of rock. However, if you take a short walk up to Cala Milor, the resort has about two kilometres of sandy beach which extends from Cala Millor, 'The Better Bay' to Cala Bona, 'The Good Bay'.

Cala Bona has a very quaint Spanish feel and a small harbour. The resort has grown up around a traditional fishing village, it has narrow cobbled streets and these can be quite difficult to navigate when driving. A holiday in Cala Bona should leave you completely free of stress; the pace of life will not allow you to get above a crawl, after all what have you go to rush for?

Cheapholidays.com has a range of accommodation in Cala Bona whatever your budget. If you are looking for a cheap holiday in Cala Bona we have some great offers.

Cala Bona - Relaxing Activities to Share with the Family

If you feel the need for something a bit more lively during your holiday to Cala Bona you can take a leisurely stroll (15 -20 minutes) along the promenade from Cala Bona to Cala Millor.

The beach improves as you stroll down towards Cala Millor. It is less rocky as you move away from Cala Bona and there are plenty of water sports. The beaches reside in a bay which means they are quite sheltered. The beaches have life guards so watch for the red flag as this means 'no swimming'. When the waters are calm it remains shallow for quite some distance, perfect if you have small children.

Water sports are a large part of the holiday experience at Cala Bona, although the sheltered bay is not great for wind surfing. Water skiing, surfing, and recreational boating are all readily available on the beautiful beaches of Majorca.

The simply gorgeous waters allow for great snorkelling and scuba diving experiences for both you and your family, so you can have the comfort of enjoying under-water life with the people you love.

Cala Bona - Peaceful Days and Nights

Holidays in Cala Bona enable you to alternate the beach at Cala Millor during the day and quite family meals out in the evening in Cala Bona.

Besides the bars, there are always performances in the squares and public houses expressing the rich Spanish culture and pop culture. It is recommended that you take several days to explore and search for performances because they are simply amazing.

Shopping in Cala Bona is also a delightful experience. You can find everything from electronics to clothing in the shops along the streets. Everything is rather cheap, so it is very easy to find a great deal on classic Spanish merchandise or modern clothing.

You will have no difficulty finding a place to eat in Cala Bona due to the diversity of cultural foods. Cala Bona is largely populated by English and German folk, each preferring a certain style or cuisine. You may have times where two neighbouring restaurants may have people speaking completely different languages.

On a typical holiday in Cala Bona, most of the entertainment takes place within the hotels and although a few lively bars have appeared in recent years, it is still a fairly quiet resort. There are plenty of restaurants offering all different types of cuisine, catering to everyone's taste, as well as a few bars and clubs to give you something to do in the evening if you're not tempted to stay in your hotel.

Self catering apartments are popular for holidays in Cala Bona, it is very inexpensive to eat out and the beach is never far away. If you have a large family it may be more economical to rent out an apartment rather than hotel rooms. Cheapholidays.com has some great cheap holiday deals to Cala Bona.

Cala Bona Weather and Climate

Cala Bona has a typical Mediterranean climate with very mild winters and warm summers with average temperatures well into the twenties. It is the perfect destination for a summer holiday.

There are around twenty golf courses on the island, with the nearest to Cala Bona at Son Servera, Pula, Capdepera and Canyamel.

Where is Cala Bona?

Take a look at this map of Cala Bona before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cala Bona
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