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Ca’n Picafort Holidays

Relax this Summer in Ca’n Picafort

Street in Can Picafort, Majorca

Ca'n Picafort – North Coast of Majorca

Enjoy Ca’n Picafort holidays this summer and relax in the beautiful and calm surroundings on the north coast of Majorca. Couples and families are the most frequent of travellers to Ca’n Picafort because of the laid back lifestyle and fantastic weather than can be enjoyed all summer long. Ca’n Picafort beach is the perfect place to appreciate the great Mediterranean weather with clean sands and shallow waters ideal for children to play in.

Landing at Son Sant Joan Airport you can expect to arrive in Ca’n Picafort in around an hour, during this transfer you can admire the vast beautiful natural scenery that blesses Majorca. You will be able to choose from plenty of ideal accommodation on your Ca’n Picafort holidays with most places rated around 4 stars. The hotels and apartments available are ideal for helping families and couples to feel at ease allowing them to quickly relax during summer breaks. The resort itself is purpose built with tourists in mind so you can expect to find everything you could possibly need in and around all accommodation.

There is a regular bus service available running throughout Majorca which comes through Ca’n Picafort taking tourists to busy and popular places such as the islands capital Palma. Taxis are available if you are looking to travel around the nearby coast and are reasonably priced.

Ca'n Picafort – Sightseeing & Activities

There is plenty of room on Ca’n Picafort beach for all tourists to come and pull up a sun lounger and bask under the seemingly endless hours of sun which the resort enjoys every day during summer. There are also plenty of water sport activities to try during your time at the beach, including scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing and there are pedal boast for hire too.

Group exploration is popular with travellers also. You will find bikes for hire to venture out into the countryside or along the coast to enjoy your own adventure. Families always make time to see the wildlife in S’Albufera Park, there you can see various birds native to the Mediterranean regions during Ca’n Picafort holidays. There is also a nature reserve in San Baulo which is worth visiting too. Ca’n Picafort has its own fiesta where people are encouraged to swim after ducks to capture, though they are safely released afterwards.

Shopping is minimal when it comes to the extravagant items though you can expect to find plenty of souvenirs on offer in shops and stalls near the beach, and there are supermarkets selling essentials ranging from food to clothes. If shopping was something you planned enjoying on Ca’n Picafort holidays then you should head over to Palma where there are plenty of designer goods on offer.

Ca'n Picafort – Cuisine & Nightlife

The options for dining on an evening and snacking during the day are certainly available in Ca’n Picafort. If you are too busy exploring during the day then there is fast food options and cafes open where you can pick up a light bite. On an evening you can dine at one of the various restaurants available on Ca’n Picafort holidays which serve different varieties including seafood, Spanish and Italian cuisines.

The nightlife in general is quiet as you would expect considering the main types of tourists to the resort. Not to alienate itself to all holidaymakers there are still some bars open on an evening where people can go to wind down the day with a cocktail or two, later still there are a handful of clubs to choose from if you want to dance the night away. Usually on an evening hotels tend to provide entertainment with a family nature.

Ca'n Picafort – Weather & Climate

The weather in Majorca over summer is fantastic, which is why it attracts so many tourists in places like Ca’n Picafort. During summer you can expect to enjoy the best of the weather in the months of July and August when the temperatures will be as high as 30°C during most days. Mix that with over 10 hours of sun a day then you have a summer paradise.

Over winter the temperatures will drop though things should stay above 10°C most days, which makes Ca’n Picafort holidays a great idea if you are looking to avoid the cold back home. Weather tends to pick up once again in March onwards making it a great place to relax during Easter.

Where is Ca'n Picafort?

Take a look at this map of Ca'n Picafort before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Ca'n Picafort
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