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Costa D'en Blanes Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Costa D'en Blanes

Blanes port in Costa Brava, Spain

Costa D'en Blanes – South of Majorca

Costa D’en Blanes is perfect for families and couples to set up camp as it is a quiet area and sits outside of the busy city of Palma where there are over 60,000 residents. So people staying in this resort will experience quiet nights but can also venture into Palma to enjoy the bustling atmosphere.

There are plenty of beaches to be found and all share great beauty with the token golden sands and clear blue waters that seem to bless most coastal resorts in the whole of the Mediterranean.

You will find that pretty much any accommodation you stay in will have great scenic views of the surrounding area, all offering great services and facilities with everyone in mind.

Costa D'en Blanes – Fun and Activities

The most fun will be found whilst lying under the sun, this means in terms of activities there isn’t too much. The best way to uncover some excursions and extreme water sports is to head away from Costa D’en Blanes and look for other nearby resorts like Palma. Travelling between resorts is made easy by a frequent bus and taxi service.

If the waters that wash up on the beach aren’t fast paced enough for you then you can take the trip to either of the two water parks on the island, Marineland and Aquacity. In these parks you can either take a ride on the slides or take a look at the dolphins, sharks, birds and reptiles in captivity there.

On the island there are many sights to take a couple of pictures in memory of your trip like the Gothic Cathedral or even go for a wander in the museums to enlighten you about the islands history, all found in Palma. Also in the islands capital city of Palma top brand names are available in shops as well as some great jewellery. There are also a few souvenir shops which offer great priced gifts for people back home.

Not all the fun is to be had away from Costa D’en Blanes, in fact there are some tennis courts, mini golf, cycling and sailing options for tourists. The low amount of activities does represent the relaxed atmosphere and purpose behind the resort where most people who stay in the area spend a lot of their time on the beach.

Costa D'en Blanes – Food and Nightlife

Due to the fact that Costa D’en Blanes is so closely located to Palma, the food and nightlife options are greatly improved.

As for food on the resort your hotel will most probably be the best source for all your daily meals, but this is by no means a bad thing because the hotels appreciate that they are the best option in town and cater for most people very well. Palma, or even Magaluf, is worth venturing to if you want a nice dish off a specified menu from the more typical countries like Italy, China and even British cuisine.

When it comes to nightlife there is a great advantage to staying in Costa D’en Blanes because if you head to the likes of Palma or Magaluf for a late night in the many pubs, bars and clubs then you still get the luxury of a quiet night’s sleep.

Costa D'en Blanes – Weather Info

Much like the rest of Majorca you will be happy to hear Costa D’en Blanes has great weather, specifically during the summer months. Between July and August you will enjoy the hottest weather with clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

During the winter period temperatures will drop but still remain warm, the only real advice needed is that if you do travel within the late months bring a jacket for the nights. It is most likely to rain at this point of the year on the resort, but even then not a great deal and it generally clears up quick enough.

Where is Costa D'en Blanes?

Take a look at this map of Costa D'en Blanes before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Costa D'en Blanes
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