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Deia Holidays

Unwind in Majorca this Year

Valldemossa, Deia, Mallorca

Deia – West Coast of Majorca

Nowhere else will you find a quaint way of life and a very relaxing atmosphere than with holidays in Deia. Throughout the whole of Majorca, Deia offers the most beauty and tranquillity that most people are searching for every summer and never find. Popular mainly with couples because of its isolation offer them the chance to get close and enjoy each other’s company and untainted natural surroundings. Close to the coast you will be able to enjoy all the splendours of a beach holiday during you stay in Deia.

Your flight to Majorca will touch down at Son Sant Joan Airport. The transfer to Deia will take around an hour, but viewing the stunning scenery helps the time pass quickly.

The choice of accommodation is exceptional as all hotels provide a comfortable stay and staff tend to bend over backwards to its guests. You can expect top facilities and amenities to be on offer in the hotels on Deia holidays. The hilly landscape of Deia means that each hotel enjoys spectacular views out across the island and down to the coast of Majorca.

Transport is limited in this part of the island, many people choose to hire cars to get around and explore further during holidays in Deia. There a bus that comes through a few times a day travelling to the islands capital Palma and there’s also a train service in nearby Soller going to the same destination.

Deia – Sightseeing & Activities

The beautifully scenic walk down to the coast is something to savour, an experience that you may choose to enjoy a few time during your holiday in Deia. Once you reach the coast you will find a beautiful cove called Cala Deia where many tourists and locals in the area tend to come during summer because of the shallow turquoise waters and fine beach. At the beach you can either relax under the endless hours of sun or make your own fun.

Around Deia you can admire the various buildings that are a tribute to classic Spanish architecture, one of the homes in particular was where famed poet and writer Robert Graves lived. His home has now been refurbished and is open for tourists to come explore his work. In the town of Soller, slightly north of Deia, you can hop on a train which will take you all the way to Palma. The train ride is very popular with tourists as it provides an extensive and highly entertaining journey through Majorca.

If you have hired a car or a bicycle then you simply must take the time to head out into the countryside and up the hills to create your own adventures. You will discover various views and picturesque sights of the islands wildlife and sumptuous natural beauty. Perhaps this is the most enjoyable part of Deia holidays.

Shopping in Deia is limited to crafts, souvenirs and various mini markets selling odd items of clothing other essentials. If you travel into Palma at any point then you will uncover a vast variety of shopping opportunities ranging from designers clothes, jewellery and perfumes.

Deia – Cuisine & Nightlife

The cuisine on offer throughout Deia is very good, though as you might imagine the options are fairly limited. Places open on an evening will have a menu serving mainly seafood and traditional Spanish dishes for tourists to enjoy. Italian cuisine will also be present in all places such is its popularity. You can always count on the food to be fresh and well prepared during holidays in Deia which means every meal will be very enjoyable. The hotel in Deia will provide a mix of cuisine to appease the various tastes of their guests.

The nightlife is quiet in the area which is in keeping with the general ethos of Deia. You will find that the hotels offer the best chance of evening entertainment coming in the shape of live performers. The bar tends to stay open as long as guests want, but generally tourists tend to head before too late. Nearby resorts such as Soller can provide a later and livelier experience with bars and clubs for those interested.

Deia – Weather & Climate

As far as the weather goes in Majorca, Deia enjoys just about as much sunshine as anywhere on the island. Over summer you can expect the temperatures to soar high constantly during the day without a cloud in the sky. The best months to visit are July and August when the temperature will be around 30°C for the most part of the 12 hours of sunlit days.

Winter will be much cooler and being located northerly the temperature will be lower at this time of year on the south coast, this does not mean that it will become cold by any means. The days will still enjoy around 5 hours of sunshine with temperatures around 10°C. The most of the year’s rain falls between November and February, though it never lasts too long. If you are looking to avoid cold winters elsewhere then holidays in Deia are as breathtaking during winter as they are during summer.

Where is Deia?

Take a look at this map of Deia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Deia
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