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Las Maravillas Holidays

Fun and Sun in Majorca


Las Maravillas – South Coast of Majorca

You will find the fantastic resort of Las Maravillas is in a great location for those who like to be close to all the lively summer activities, but far enough away to take a breather too. A few minutes from the capital Palma and a few minutes more from popular resorts like Magaluf and Palma Nova means that you are never too far from something to do. The beach on Las Maravillas holidays is long with golden sands and shallow turquoise waters which are perfect for families who are bringing young children.

You transfer will take just literally 5 or 10 minutes as you are barely 3 miles from Son Sant International Airport which is also located on Majorca’s south coast, but you are far enough away so that you aren’t continuously annoyed by air traffic.

There is an endless supply of accommodation on Las Maravillas holidays for tourists to choose from which should suit all travellers. The hotels in the resort cater for just about everyone offering self catering, half board and all inclusive options for guests. Families will enjoy the various facilities and amenities in the hotels most of which are rated between 2 and 4 stars. There are plenty of apartments to choose from in Las Maravillas too which are better for those looking to enjoy a low budget break.

The public transport is frequent and reliable which helps if you are looking to explore along the coast to neighbouring resorts and the islands capital Palma. You will find taxis are readably available, as are hire cars and bikes also.

Las Maravillas – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach is the place to be. Miles and miles of beach means that there is plenty of room for everyone on as Las Maravillas holidays. You can spend the day laying back and soaking up the sun on the spotless golden sands before enjoying a cool swim in the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Water sports are also something which you might enjoy giving a go, and so you will find operators offering jet skiing and water skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving, paragliding and some places renting out pedal boats too.

During the day you will find various activities on offer for all tourists to enjoy, ranging from mini golf, arcades and excursions set up by your hotel. You can enjoy a day at the Palma Aquarium which is home to various species of marine life including dolphins. Trips along the cost and out into the Mediterranean are available for those who appreciate a little exploration and adventure during their time away.

Shopping around the resort is ok but nothing too extensive is available. You will find shops selling various items of clothes, jewellery and the odd souvenir. If you are looking for some serious shopping options then you may want to look outside Las Maravillas and head towards Palma where the options are far greater, including various designer goods.

Las Maravillas – Cuisine & Nightlife

There are plenty of places to eat both day and night throughout Las Maravillas and the close proximity to other resorts means that there are plenty of options for tourists to enjoy. Typically in most Spanish resort on the coast seafood is a prominent form of cuisine which appears on menus in various restaurants. Other restaurants provide a mixture of international food including British, Spanish, Italian and Chinese cuisines among others. Fast food option and cafes can be found around the resort where you can expect to pick up light bites during the day.

The nightlife in Las Maravillas allows you to enjoy a late night if not an overly exhilarating experience. There are bars that play music and serve cocktails and remain open till fairly late. If you are interesting in a very lively night out then you should consider a short trip along the coast to places such as Magaluf and Palma Nova which have bars and clubs which stay open until the sun comes up. If you do choose those resorts for a long night out you can appreciate the fact that returning to Las Maravillas offers you the chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Las Maravillas – Weather & Climate

Summers in Majorca are very hot, particularly along the south coast. In Las Maravillas you can enjoy clear blue skies for the duration of summer. The hottest months to choose from in Las Maravillas are July and August when the temperature will regularly flirt around 30°C. The great weather can be enjoyed during the some 12 hours of sunshine a day, which means there is plenty of time to work on a great summer tan.

The winter brings colder weather though you can still expect things to stay pretty mild. While it may be raining and snowing back home in Las Maravillas you can enjoy around 4 hours of sunshine each day along with temperatures that will rarely fall below 10°C. There will be some showers over summer, but they will never last long enough to ruin the day. A winter break here might be just the way to kick off the New Year in style.

Where is Las Maravillas?

Take a look at this map of Las Maravillas before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Las Maravillas
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