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Torrenova Holidays

Live It Up in Torrenova this Summer!


Torrenova – South Coast of Majorca

Those looking for Torrenova holidays will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying a lively night on the town. Stuck between the popular resorts Palma Nova and Magaluf, you can expect there to be plenty of opportunities to experience the party atmosphere whilst in Majorca. The location of Torrenova in Majorca means that you have access to great beaches and plenty of resources. This is certainly a holiday for the party people of summer.

You can enjoy a short transfer from Son Sant Joan Airport which is located just outside the islands capital Palma, found a few miles down the coast. After around 30 minutes of travel you will have arrived at Torrenova.

Choosing from accommodation on Torrenova holidays can be difficult, but that is because there are so many options. There are many hotels, most of which rated at 3 stars, which offer top facilities and amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. For budget travellers there are plenty of apartments to consider where rooms are tailored towards self catering Torrenova holidays.

The public transport available is very good in the Torrenova. Regular buses will help with travel to various other resorts along the coast as well as to the capital Palma. You can hire other forms of transport too, including cars and bikes.

Torrenova – Sightseeing & Activities

You have to choice of two fantastic beaches on Torrenova holidays, a few steps north and you will be on the coast of Palma Nova, but going south you will be at Magaluf. Both beaches are long, sandy and clean with warm shallow waters which are ideal to enjoy hot summer days. You could enjoy a few hours soaking up the sun thanks to the clear blue skies, or you can try out one of the many exciting water sports on offer. Consider scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, water skiing or even hiring out a pedal boat during your Torrenova holidays.

Further inland you will find three very well maintained golf courses to enjoy a relaxing breather from the lively lifestyle in Torrenova. The hills which look down on the coast are worth exploring. If you walk to the top through the forests you can experience much of the islands wildlife and natural beauty, once at the top you will have uncovered fantastic views of Majorca’s coastline. Torrenova is a very small area based on a slight peninsula along Majorca’s coast and you will find ruins of a watch tower and other building which are no longer in use.

Shopping in Torrenova is limited to essentials and food, but a trip into either Palma Nova or Magaluf will open up more options. In either resort there will be plenty of souvenirs and clothes available for purchase. A trip into Palma will provide you with shops selling various designer goods to buy.

Torrenova – Cuisine & Nightlife

Again the close proximity of both Palma Nova and Magaluf allows you much more choice when it comes to a variety, including cuisine. On an evening there are many, many places to choose from with the main option being Spanish dishes and seafood cuisine, both very popular with the locals. With tourists definitely in the minds of most local businessmen and women you will also be able to find plenty of Italian and Chinese restaurants available making sure everybody’s tastes are catered for. During the day you can choose from various popular fast food restaurants and bistros if you are looking to pick up a light bite on Torrenova holidays.

The nightlife is well accounted for in the two previously mentioned resorts. You will have an unlimited choice of bars and pubs to start your night off with cocktails and karaoke before heading out to one of the big summer clubs where you can party until the sun comes up. Within Torrenova you will be able to enjoy evening entertainment in one of the hotels which varies each night, plus the hotel bar is always a good starting point for a night out.

Torrenova – Weather & Climate

The weather in Majorca in general is very good and you can expect to experience some high temperatures during summer. You can choose from 12 hours of sunshine to work on a great summer tan during Torrenova holidays. Those 12 hours of sun come with constant high temperatures of around 30°C during summer also. Rain is something you need not concern yourself over summer as you would be unlucky to experience any at all.

Winter tends to be fairly mild which is why Torrenova holidays are worth consider during the off peak travel times of the year. The weather during winter will be colder but during the day you can still expect temperatures to be over 10°C along with 4 hours of sunshine without interruption. The rain will most likely come mostly during January, though early spring will temperatures rise higher significantly.

Where is Torrenova?

Take a look at this map of Torrenova before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Torrenova
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