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Cala Blanca Holidays

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Cala Blanca - West Coast of Menorca

On the west coast this resort was purpose built for holiday makers, those being families and older couples. This much sought after resort lays 40-50 minutes away from Menorca airport. The journey will give you plenty of opportunity to survey the island and its scenic beauty and will also give you chance to try and familiarise yourself with the resort and the area surrounding your accommodation. The resort offers mainly apartments but there are some hotels available, they all have around 2-4 star ratings and include the necessary facilities needed.

You will know when you’re in Cala Blanca with its white sands, pine fringed cove and clear shallow waters. Those seeking peaceful, relaxing days sat on the beach finishing up in a sea front restaurant can stop looking.

Cala Blanca – Sights and Activities

Cala Blanca is best suited for families and couples and with that in mind the activities and such in the area represent that. Fun family games such as mini golf are available and the beach is also a popular place to be where most families spend their days. If the sea water isn’t enough to keep you entertained try the nearby water park situated in Cala’n Bosch, or the water park in Cala’n Forcat which is favoured more by younger children as it isn’t as large as the other one.

Whilst all fiestas are regarded as special by locals the one not to be missed is the annual ‘Fiesta of Saint Joan’ held in nearby Ciutadella, which is held on the 23rd-24th of June. The fiestas will begin on the Sunday before the 23rd of June.

Shopping on the island is good; you can stay in Cala Blanca or venture into Cala’n Forcat, Cala’n Bosch, Ciutadella and Mahon. They all collectively offer designer brand shopping along with locally made crafts. Hire cars or use of the good public transport system will get you to those destinations.

In the nearby town of Ciutadella there are open air markets held most days in the morning that are great for getting a sense of the islands culture and history.

Cala Blanca – Food and Nightlife

There are many restaurants in Cala Blanca providing you with great variety of dishes to choose from. Due to the islands large fishing culture there are some excellent fish restaurants to be found. The other options are traditional Spanish and Italian restaurants giving you a vast choice of cuisine. There are also plenty of fast food restaurants for families on the go or just people looking for a familiar taste.

Many spend the night having a quiet drink in a bar after a meal or strolling down the beach, though in terms of night entertainment hotels or late bars will hold a host of live music, karaoke and cabaret shows as well as other forms of entertainment. Livelier night entertainment can be found a short distance away in the neighbouring resorts of Santandria, Cala’n Forcat or Cala’n Blanes.

Cala Blanca - Weather Info

Cala Blanca enjoys long warm days with the sun always shining, clear blue shores brush into the white sanded beaches. Sea breezes do sweep in but don’t be alarmed as they merely compliment the high temperatures. Those temperatures will reach to around 30°C during the peak periods of summer which fall between July and September. The island sees little rain during this period supporting the fact that this is a popular destination.

The weather is so good here even the winter time stays quite mild, despite a patch of light rain here and there. The winter period halves the winter temperatures but this only last between December and January. Temperatures climb back up around March time.

Where is Cala Blanca?

Take a look at this map of Cala Blanca before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cala Blanca
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