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Cala Galdana Holidays

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Menorca - Cala Galdana - Spain

Cala Galdana - Southern Coast of Menorca

Cala Galdana is a very popular resort in Menorca and based on the south coast, attracts many because of its great weather and desirable beaches.

With a 30-45 minute transfer from Menorca airport you will have a chance to look at the great scenery on your way to the resort and also get a feel for the location where you’ll be staying.

The beach at Cala Galdana truly is magnificent with glorious white sands blending into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, whilst pine tree’s back the beach in this exotic picturesque setting.

With plenty of accommodation available varying from 3-star and above there’s plenty of choice. Upper class hotels and apartments are available along with private villas, all accompanied with the relevant facilities you would expect. One thing you would need to consider before booking is if you suffer problems related to mobility it can make travelling around the resort difficult because it is steep in places.

Cala Galdana – Sights and Activities

There are many water based activities available for tourists. This is mainly due to the main attraction of the area being the beach. As well as sunbathing the day away why not try some of the available activities? These include snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing and parasailing.

If you aren’t big on the ocean then why not try some of the resort mainland activities such as a pleasant country walk, hill top hike or mountain biking. The delightful pine filled woodland is just as scenic and relaxing as the ocean view.

If you want more of an excursion there is a great public transport system that can take you far round the island. Wider areas have more activities from a water park west of Cala en Bosch to an 18 hole golf course in Son Parc. Trips into towns like Mahon and Ciutadella are good for shopping with many designer brands available as well as local craft shops which are great to get gifts to take home. Visiting the hilltop sanctuary of El Toro is definitely worthwhile.

Taking ferries to nearby islands is another possibility for those eager to get a lot of exploring from their holiday.

Other than travelling from the resort your staying in there’s also many mini adventures you can go on by exploring isolated caves and beaches along the Cala Galdana coastline.

Cala Galdana – Food and Nightlife

With a lot of families and couples visiting the resort, dining is one area that Cala Galdana has covered. Searching the area you will find traditional restaurants from nationalities such as Spanish, Italian, British and Chinese, along with a lot of seafood restaurants appealing the islands strong fishing culture. You will find some expensive places to dine in the area including a very popular Tapas restaurant. At the other end of the scale fast food is easy to come by also.

As you may expect with the focus of the resort aimed at families and couples the nightlife is quite tame, with only a few bars placed around the place occasionally playing live music. Main entertainment comes from the hotels providing family shows like cabaret and karaoke. For a later and livelier night out you’ll need to venture further into the island, perhaps Ciutadella but even then options are limited.

Cala Galdana - Weather Info

Cala Galdana enjoys long warm days with the sun always shining, clear blue shores brush into the white sanded beaches. Sea breezes do sweep in but don’t be alarmed as they merely compliment the high temperatures. Those temperatures will reach to around 30°C during the peak periods of summer which fall between July and September. The island sees little rain during this period supporting the fact that this is a popular destination.

The weather is so good here even the winter time stays quite mild, despite a patch of light rain here and there. The winter period halves the winter temperatures but this only last between December and January. Temperatures climb back up around March time.

Where is Cala Galdana?

Take a look at this map of Cala Galdana before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cala Galdana
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