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Cala'n Forcat Holidays

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Cala'n Forcat - Western tip of Menorca

In terms of customer feedback if there were a popularity contest for resorts, well we might have a winner. Cala’n Forcat is very well regarded by families and couples as it offers much to do both day and night.

The transfer time is a just over an hour which may sound a bit daunting bit it will give you an excellent chance to see the natural beauty which the island definitely possesses. Also you can use this time to give yourself a brief geography lesson so you know your way around a little better.

You may choose a concrete platform to swim from or head to one of the real beaches and enjoy their splendour, but for that you’ll to set off for Cala Brut, Cala'n Blanes or Calas Piques. These beaches all have fine sands and beautifully inviting waters where you can spend most of the day without wanting to move on.

Apartments are the main form of accommodation that you will find in the area of Cala’n Forcat but there are hotels as well as villas available, with the resort offering 2 to 4 stars as a general rating.

Cala'n Forcat – Fun and Activities

You will be able to find plenty of fun holiday activities and perhaps the most entertaining during the day are the water sports which are always popular with holiday makers. They include the likes of snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing and parasailing. There is a diving centre located locally where you can pick much needed advice and minor training if you’re unsure or a little bit wary of going for a dive.

Mini golf is available and this classic is always very popular and at times can be very busy so you may need to be a little bit patient with the Tiger Woods wannabe’s when they take their time lining up the championship putt.

Travelling the island itself can be popular as there are many sights to take in such as the many historical monuments and artefacts in most resorts; you can also go bird-watching. Boat trips are available so you can go down the coast to discover other resorts and beaches.

With a good public transport service on offer and buses running regularly, you can easily get to the likes of Ciutadella where you can pick up souvenirs for people back home and things for yourself.

Cala'n Forcat – Food and Nightlife

There is some food, in fact glorious food available from the many fine restaurants found in and around the resort. If you fancy delving into local specialities then you will encounter a lot of seafood dishes due to the keen fishing industry on the island. If you prefer sticking to what you know then there are some more traditional menu’s to be found such as British, Spanish and Italian. Due to the busy tourism there are many snack bars to be found, which come to good use if you want to eat on the go, if you’re too busy exploring the area to stop and stare.

Other than hotel based entertainment and the odd bar locally you will have to head to Los Delfines to uncover a little more life when it comes to the night scene. There you will find a large amount of pubs, clubs, bars and British bars where there will be discos and karaoke on offer.

Cala'n Forcat - Weather Info

As with many areas of Menorca, Cala’n Forcat has long hot summers and skies with no clouds to be seen, which together make for a lot of sunshine during the day, around 11 hours in fact.

Temperatures are known to hit as high as 30°C during the summer peak months which fall between July and September, during this time you can expect very little rain at all.

Winter will see temperatures halved in comparison to the summer, and that also goes for the number of hours of sunshine as well. Rain fall will happen but it never last long and when it does stop the heat clears things up swiftly. Around march time you will find that the temperatures begin to go up in preparation for the summer once more.

Where is Cala'n Forcat?

Take a look at this map of Cala'n Forcat before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cala'n Forcat
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