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Cala'n Porter Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Cala'n Porter

Azure sea water of Cala Porter bay, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Cala'n Porter – Southern Coast of Menorca

This resort is mainly very quiet even at its busiest times and such is the intended mood of Cala’n Porter where tourists can expect a laid back atmosphere which is perfect for relaxing in. This fact makes the resort tailor made for families and couples looking to just get away from it all.

With it only taking 15 minutes to transfer from the International Aeropuerto de Menorca to Cala’n Forcat it’s one of the shortest transfers on the island, which is always good for when you have to leave so you don’t have to save plenty of time for packing and checking out.

The beach has a fantastic look to it as not only does it have great sands and beautiful waters but you are surrounded by cliffs on both sides which make the whole area very picturesque. For those who have mobility problems please do be aware that you probably will need to use stairs to access the beach so you must take this into consideration. Though there is a train service that takes you up and down for €4 per person.

There are hotels and apartments rated between 2-4 stars on the resort and most if not all provide both self-catering and all inclusive services.

Cala'n Porter – Fun and Activities

Water sports are all the rage for holiday makers especially us Brits who love flying across the waters without the fear of falling into the sea and catching instant pneumonia. At the beach you’ll find typical activities like pedalos as well as sunbeds and parasole's available for hire.

Other activities on offer around the resort are the go-karts, the odd mini theme park type ride, bouncy castles and a ball pit.

The sights to see are spread throughout the island and they consist of prehistoric monuments and structures and caves to experience. Excursions to other resorts on the island will unlock other activities like the windsurfing centre found in Fornells, or a trip to Mahon to go shopping with a selection of clothes, souvenirs and jewellery. The local bus service on the island is very good so you shouldn’t find too many problems with getting around.

Cala'n Porter – Food and Nightlife

Like all resorts on the island you will find many seafood specialist restaurants that offer fresh dishes probably from a catch earlier in the day. Also there are traditional menus available, including British and Italian for those opposed to change. The fast food option is available also so everyone should be able to find something they like for the duration of their stay.

There are a few good bars to enjoy a good drink or two plus you’ll also find that hotel entertainment is very enjoyable, but perhaps the most surprising fact of the nightlife in the area is that Cala’n Porter is home to the most famous nightclub on the island. Based in a cave with a dance floor overlooking the sea, Cova d’en Xoroi is very popular indeed and definitely worth popping down to. Don’t go expecting a wild atmosphere mind you but you will be able to find a good night whilst in the resort.

Cala'n Porter - Weather Info

Long days of summer sun can be enjoyed whilst visiting Cala’n Porter and the clear blue skies are an added delight. With 11 hours of sunshine during the summer days and temperatures of 30°C you’ll be happy to hear a cooling Mediterranean sea breeze will visit from time to time blowing in off the southern coast. Little rain fall is experienced in summer so I wouldn’t worry too much about that unless you’re the wicked witch of the west.

Winter will see both the temperature and daylight reduced to half of what it is during summer and what rain does fall will be brief enough and it clears up swiftly also. March will see temperatures begin to rise once again.

Where is Cala'n Porter?

Take a look at this map of Cala'n Porter before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cala'n Porter
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