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Puerto Addaia Holidays

Enjoy a Break to Menorca This Year


Puerto Addaia – North Coast of Menorca

Menorca is the least lively of the Balearic Islands and with Puerto Addaia holidays you can experience a truly relaxing and recharging for you and your partner or you and your family. The north coast of Minorca has various resorts which are all tailored with the ethos of a relaxing holiday experience, and many will say that Puerto Addaia offers one of the best. Puerto Addaia holidays offer a fun resort filled with activities and options, including sailing which is one of the most popular.

Menorca Airport is where your flight will land and it is in good location to Puerto Addaia so you can expect a reasonable transfer time of between 30 minutes and an hour.

The accommodation is fantastic much of it offers sublime luxury to its guests who have chosen to enjoy Puerto Addaia holidays. Most of the accommodation available comes in the form of luxury holiday homes which are spread throughout the resort. In these homes you will have a large mix of facilities and amenities including your own pool offering you the chance to relax and unwind instantly on your holiday. Hotels are also available and provide guests with similar facilities along with great services too, catering well for families.

There is some public transport going to other resorts along the coast, however if you are looking to do some extensive exploring on your own accord then sailing tends to be the popular choice or hiring a car.

Puerto Addaia – Sightseeing & Activities

In many places the beach would be your first destination, but Puerto Addaia hasn’t got an immediate beach available on its shores, but close by is the resort of Arenal d’en Castell which has a long stretch of beach to enjoy. You can reach the resort on foot, however, it is advised that you hop on a bus is you have children. Lie back on a sun lounger and soak up the sun or enjoy one of the many water sports available, they include water skiing, scuba diving and parasailing. Those heading away on Puerto Addaia holidays tend to be big fans of sailing and boats are available to hire. Trips along the coast and into the Mediterranean Sea are a great way to enjoy some isolation from the world.

On land there is still much to enjoy, especially the islands natural beauty. Travelling to other resorts gives you a chance to explore the landscape and countryside of Menorca which is truly amazing and on your travels you will uncover some breathtaking views. In nearby Son Parc, which is only a few miles up the coast, you will find the islands only golf course. It is available for all to come and enjoy.

Shopping on Puerto Addaia holidays is limited to resources and essentials in the mini markets located around the resort. Over in the likes of Arenal d’en Castell and Son Parc there is much more options when it comes to clothing and jewellery and other designer goods.

Puerto Addaia – Cuisine & Nightlife

There are plenty of places to eat on an evening and your options are increased if you include Arenal d’en Castell into the equation. Choose from places offering tasty traditional Spanish meals and fresh seafood dishes. Those who prefer more typical international cuisine will able to enjoy Italian menus in the designated restaurants within resorts. Hotels tend to offer a varied menu for its guest and if you are self catering on Puerto Addaia holidays then you will find mini markets selling all sorts of international brand foods goods to choose from.

The nightlife on Puerto Addaia holidays is very quiet as the general purpose of the resort is focused on relaxing. Enjoy a night at your own home with neighbours, or see what the local hotels are offering in the form of evening entertainment. If you want to enjoy an evening out then Arenal d’en Castell is again the saving grace as it has a number of bars and pubs to enjoy cocktails, and over summer there is the odd disco to dance the night away.

Puerto Addaia - Weather & Climate

The weather experienced on Puerto Addaia holidays is typical of what you would expect from most resorts throughout the Balearic Islands, hot! Summer provides tourists with the best weather to come and enjoy. The best months to consider are July and August when temperatures are at their best. During the day in these months you can expect to enjoy 12 hours of sunshine with regular temperatures of 30°C.

Winter remains mild and offer holidaymakers looking to make a late break for the beach. The temperatures will fall to around 10°C and the hours of sunshine a day reduced to 5, but this is still much better than any UK winter day and in some cases better than a UK summer day! The most of the year’s rain falls during December and January but the temperatures will begin to pick up again in early spring.

Where is Puerto Addaia?

Take a look at this map of Puerto Addaia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Puerto Addaia
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