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Antwerp Holidays

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Brabo Fountain and Town hall in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp – Northern Belgium

The warm and welcoming nature of the people of Belgium is one of the best reasons to visit the country, and few people will argue that the city of Antwerp epitomises that fact. For those tourists who enjoy visiting the Europe’s vast and culturally magnificent cities, then Antwerp travel should definitely be on the cards for your next trip. The very deep and rich cultural history that Antwerp has is why it has so much popularity when it comes to tourism with various museums and buildings waiting to be explored. Your transfer from Antwerp International Airport shouldn’t take too long, around 30 minutes, with regular buses and a taxi service waiting to take you into the city and your Antwerp accommodation. When it comes to choosing your Antwerp accommodation you will have everything from budget rooms in hostels, to luxury hotels in the city centre. You can relax on your Antwerp holiday in the 4 star Leopold Hotel Antwerp which has great views and is centrally located. The budget options in the city range from hostels and low key hotels which are ideal if you plan to spend more time out in the city rather than cooped up in your room. As with most major cities in Europe you can expect to find a great public transport system in Antwerp to get you around to see the sights, take advantage of the buses, trams, metro, taxis, hire cars and even bicycles that are readily available.

Antwerp – Fun & Activities

Being a city which is steeped in history and culture you have plenty of places to visit and sites to see in Antwerp. Visit Rubenhuis which is the former home of 17th century Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens that has been transformed into a museum celebrating his work. The Cathedral of Our Lady is a very impressive site that should be on your list of things to see during your Antwerp travel, it is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe built in 1351. The Plantin Moretus Museum is considered the world’s finest museum dedicated to printing. The museum itself is in honour of the work done by the 16th bookbinder and printer Christoffel Plantin. A much more family orientated excursion is the one the Antwerp Zoo which is one of the world’s oldest zoos. The zoo holds over 4000 animals ranging from the exotic to the more common creatures of the world. Taking simple walks around the city itself is a very good idea on an Antwerp holiday as you will be able to marvel at the sublime architecture around each street corner, the best places to enjoy the cities manmade scenery would be near the City Hall and the Old Market Square. Themed cruises from Jan Plezier Boottochten are also popular, with the option of a pancake cruise, sparerib cruise and the shrimp cruise. You will be able to enjoy plenty of shopping on your holiday in Antwerp from quality designer goods to great souvenirs too. In the main shopping area known as the Meir, you will be able to mooch through the towns most famous shops. Antwerp is well known as the ‘world’s leading diamond city’ and as such you can certainly expect to pick up some fantastic jewellery. If you are interested in buying diamonds in Antwerp you must be aware that there are plenty of scam artists with stalls, so it is worth doing a little research beforehand.

Antwerp – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of options when it comes to dining either morning, noon or night. Your Antwerp accommodation, if you aren’t going self catering, will most definitely provide you will great food that is neutral to most tourists. There are cheap options and there are upper market options which offer customers the ability to spend a little or spend a lot when it comes to evening dining. The types of cuisine you can expect to find on the streets of Antwerp include Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and various places providing popular national dishes too. During the day you will also expect various places selling quick bites to eat if you are on the move and exploring. The nights are just as interesting as the days, if not more so. There are plenty of classy bars and pubs that have friendly atmospheres where tourists can further enjoy their holiday in Antwerp. You can stay up late in one of the popular clubs in the city such as Petrol and Noxx which have world class DJ’s playing most nights and are always popular with locals and tourists to the city. Antwerp even has its own Red Light District similar to the likes of Amsterdam. Alternatively on an evening during your Antwerp holiday you will be able to experience the Antwerp Ghostwalk taking you to haunted spots in the city whilst learning about its dark history.

Antwerp – Weather Info

The weather in Antwerp is similar to most places in Northern Europe. During summer you can enjoy average high temperatures of around 20°C in the peak months of June, July and August. During those months you will experience the most hours of sun per day, and so it is probably the best time to take an Antwerp holiday. Out of the summer months the temperatures won’t go too much higher than 10°C but then again the weather isn’t really the drawing point as to why people travel to the city of Antwerp. The least rainfall during the course of the year comes during spring, during which time the weather is beginning to improve after a cold winter.

Where is Antwerp?

Take a look at this map of Antwerp before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Antwerp
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