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Bruges Holidays

Take a Break to a Beautiful City

Typical canal scene and tourist attraction in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges – Northern Belgium

Enjoy Bruges holidays and find yourself in a typically classy European city which is a bustling cosmopolitan and bourgeois place. Many people enjoy taking Bruges breaks for a few days or a long weekend to do a bit of sightseeing and to relax in a new and exciting culture. There is plenty of history and fantastic architecture to see and explore on a Bruges holiday, which is why it is so popular.

With no airport around the city the most typical way to reach Bruges is by getting flights to Brussels before hopping on a direct train. The flight will take around 2 hours which is relatively short though your train from Brussels up to Bruges will take an extra hour and 20 minutes.

Despite being a fairly small city you will find plenty of great places to stay during you Bruges holiday. There are plenty of 5 star luxury Bruges hotels to choose from if you are looking to holiday with the ultimate facilities in relaxation. You will also find some more reasonable priced 2 and 3 star hotels around the city offering great services and ideal location for you to enjoy Bruges holidays. Hostels can also be found through Bruges which is perfect for budget holidaymakers.

Many places are easily walkable as Bruges is a fairly compact city. Travelling from one end of the city will require transport and there is a reliable public transport system there to use for this.

Bruges – Fun & Activities

During summer many people on Bruges holidays head a few miles north to Belgium’s only coast to enjoy the sunshine and relax on the beach. Though the weathers aren’t as high as places within the Mediterranean it still offers enough sun to lay back and soak up some sun on the beach. During this time there will be a few activities available for tourist to enjoy including water sports.

Back in Bruges you will be able to visit various museums cataloguing the cities intriguing history. Head over to the Choc-Story Museum to learn how that famous, and tasty, Belgium chocolate is actually made. The Friet Museum takes you into the story of how fries where actually made along with a tasty treat at the end. One tour where you won’t be allowed any free samples is at the Diamant Museum where you will see various precious stones and learn where they came from.

Walking the streets on your Bruges holidays you will be able to admire some great structures like the Jerusalem Church and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Instead of walking why not take a boat tour of the city along the canals of Bruges. If you are visiting during winter then you should certainly witness the Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival where 40 professional sculptures create some absolute masterpieces before your eyes.

Shopping on Bruges holidays is really good, but expensive. Chocolates are a popular choice for souvenirs and you can find many shops making and selling their own tasty produce. Jewellery is also a popular produce in Belgium and you can expect to find some beautiful and expensive items in the many qualities jewellers found in the city.

Bruges – Food & Nightlife

Belgium cuisine is quite varied and often contains a fusion of the countries surrounding it, particularly France and Germany, with that in mind you can draw expectations of the food available on Bruges holidays. There are plenty of fine restaurants to eat at throughout Bruges including fantastic Italian restaurants and Seafood places which are very popular. Some find that eating out quite a lot to be a little expensive on Bruges holidays so the opt to go all inclusive in the Bruges hotels to avoid over spending.

There is a great nightlife to enjoy on an evening on a Bruges holiday, start in one o the various classy bars before heading out to one of the big clubs which remain open into the early hours. Such a sophisticated city offer up plenty of other entertainment on an evening also, including live shows in theatres and films in cinemas.

Bruges – Weather Info

Don’t expect blistering heat during your Bruges holidays, the city has reputation for been one of Europe’s coldest. During summer and the hottest month of July the temperature will flutter around, but rarely over 20°C. Rain isn’t constant but it will appear from time to time. During this time people do tend to head north to the coast to enjoy the best of north Belgium’s warmest weather.

Winters are very cold and from October onwards things will mostly be in the minus °C. Things will be damp and chilly with snow a given, but winters still don’t deter too many tourists as weather doesn’t make any difference to Bruges overall charm and appeal. Though, people do generally enjoy holidays like long weekends during this period more than any other.

Where is Bruges?

Take a look at this map of Bruges before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Bruges
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