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Brazil Holidays

Enjoy a Tropical Holiday this Year

Gamboa in Salvador - Bahia, Brazil

Brazil – Biggest Nation in South America

When it comes to enjoying a tropical holiday with diverse and unique ecosystems from the magnificent coasts to the lush green rainforests there are only great value Brazil deals worth considering. Aside from the natural beauty you can also submerge yourself in the countries typical party atmosphere which is typified by in Brazil by Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Head to Copacabana beach or the Amazon rainforest and explore everything that makes Brazil holidays an unforgettable experience.

There are plenty of international airports throughout the country so you will find Brazil flights easy enough to come by. Brazil is a particularly large country but when it comes to transfers most of the popular destinations are close to the busier airports.

There is plenty of first rate accommodation to choose from in Brazil. You will find a many options when it comes to luxury hotels and you will find a lot of low cost accommodation too, though it is advised to find a few reviews or at least gain some advice before staying in budget rooms before trying to make Brazil cheap.

Exploration is key to enjoying Brazil holidays and you will find plenty of public transport available which will see you reach all the magnificent sights in the country. Many visits to popular attractions are accessed by organised tours making it easier for tourist to go sightseeing.

Brazil – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach is the place to be and you can choose from some fantastic ones in places like Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro and Praia do Forte. There are so many more along Brazils coast which offer clean beaches and endless hours of sun where you can either work on a fantastic tan or enjoy a more lively experience with the many water sports on offer courtesy of securing Brazil deals.

In Rio de Janeiro you can take a train ride up Corcovado Mountain which unlocks some breathtaking views. In Pantanal you will be able to witness some fantastic wildlife including animals such as toucans, giant otters and even jaguars. Many holidaymakers enjoy moving around the country and on their Brazil travel experience rafting at the Iguacu Waterfalls, hiking over Diamantina National Park is also very popular as it allows tourists to explore the true nature of the nation. In Salvador da Bahia you can enjoy a more quaint experience whilst walking through the areas cobbled streets whilst viewing its magnificent buildings. Of course the Amazon offers a whole host of natural sights to see and you will have plenty of opportunities to do so.

Everybody picks up a few items during Brazil travel including souvenirs which are mementoes of their experiences. The bigger cities offer some fine shopping where you can purchase designer clothes and holiday essentials.

Brazil – Cuisine & Nightlife

The food in Brazil is certainly unique and you won’t be able to leave the not having tried a tasty traditional dish. However, that isn’t the only option available for tourists. Around the various resorts there is plenty of variety for people to choose from, bigger areas including cities offer fast food restaurants for people eat at also. Costa do Sauipe is well known for its fine cuisine around the resort in its accommodation.

The nightlife is very lively and this is led by the Brazil carnival which is held in the countries capital Rio de Janeiro which lights up the whole area and the streets are lined with dancers and a party atmosphere. Few people ever leave Brazil without ever having joined in the Samba celebration such is the infectious and fun loving nature it emits. You will be able to party, dance and drink long into the morning hours. The overall culture is a joy to experience which is something that everybody to go and enjoy at some point in their lives.

Brazil – Weather & Climate

Summer in Brazil is during our winter, starting in December ending in March. Those looking to enjoy Brazil travel without the masses of crowds are best looking to enjoy a holiday during May and October. Summer in Brazil is very warm with temperatures regularly around the 30 ºC mark providing plenty of time to work on a great tan. Rain can appear at anytime in this tropical nation but Brazil always offer plenty of entertainment so that the rainy day blues don’t have chance to set in and before you know it the sun is back shining bright.

Winter in Brazil is very good with the temperature stays around 20ºC on average, which is why it is always a good time to visit. The main rainy season in Brazil comes between January and April and while the weather is always warm a long period of rain can ruin the day’s plans and can disrupt things so plan your holiday wisely. This period changes in the various areas of the country as the rainy season can last through to July in the North East of Brazil.

Where is Brazil?

Take a look at this map of Brazil before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Brazil
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