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Morro Jable Holidays

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White sands of Morro Jable beach in Fuerteventura

Morro Jable – South Coast of Fuerteventura

Morro Jable is one of the main tourist resorts on the island of Fuerteventura, and it is no surprise considering its location is filled with glorious natural beauty. The resort is on the south coast of the island and so has fantastic warm weather. The beach in Morro Jable is widely considered one of the best among the whole of the Canary Islands. With fine warm waters, perfectly safe for children, washing up on beautiful golden sands you too will share the opinion that the beach is better than most.

The transfer time from Fuerteventura Airport will be at least one hour because it lies on the opposite end of the island. You can however, use this time to view the scenic landscape including the hills and the difference between some of the areas which are dry and desert like where as others bloom healthy greens. You could also try and take notice of the area around you closer to your resort to help understand your new surroundings better.

Families and couples are the main travellers to Morro Jable but one word of warning for people heading this way is that north of the Jandia lighthouse, which is a popular sight, there are many naturists enjoying the beach. South of the lighthouse is where people will be wearing appropriate swimwear and clothing.

With couples and families being the main type of tourist to Morro Jable, you will find that the accommodation in the area is better suited for them and their needs. With great facilities and services available you can expect the hotels in the area to range from 2 to 4 stars.

Morro Jable – Fun & Activities

With such a great beach to enjoy Morro Jable’s superb weather you may choose to do little more than relax on a sun lounger for a couple of weeks. Should you like to be a touch more active though, you could try some of the great water sports on offer such as snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving and jet skiing.

Many couples who travel find that using the Jandia Golf Course located within Morro Jable, you can receive tuition on your game or just hire some clubs and start swinging. Boat excursions are popular throughout the Canary Islands and you can either visit a neighbouring island like Lanzarote or head out into the Atlantic Ocean to see some of the exotic marine life. For children you will find across the islands there is a water park as well as horse riding which is fun for the whole family.

Around the resort you can expect to find plenty of shops to pick up clothes and jewellery, as well as many souvenir shops to pick up mementos of your holiday in Morro Jable.

Morro Jable – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of fine places to eat in Morro Jable as it must cater for the vast amount of tourists and their tastes. The varieties of cuisines on offer for example are Italian, Spanish and Chinese restaurants. The hotels in the region provide quality food also if you don’t intend on dining out every evening.

Despite being a more relaxed and reserved area with families in mind, on the night you will discover plenty of bars playing live music. Couples will enjoy this fact because they can have a late night sipping cocktails in a bar before having a dance at the discos later on.

Morro Jable – Weather Info

Morro Jable is the southernmost point of Fuerteventura, and so experiences the best weather anywhere on the island. In the summer season you can expect the temperatures to be very high, 28°C in fact. Also during this time there will be little rain whatsoever, of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be any. If you are unlucky enough to see any rain rest assured it will clear up very quickly.

Winter will see temperatures half but this still means the area is quite warm. More rain will come during this period but still not a significant amount. With 5 hours of sunshine you can still enjoy a warm holiday on these shores at such a late time of the year.

Where is Morro Jable?

Take a look at this map of Morro Jable before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Morro Jable

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