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Maspalomas Holidays

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Maspalomas Beach (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands)

Maspalomas – South Eastern Coast of Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is one of the oldest tourist towns throughout the Canary Islands mainly because of it’s luring beauty of the white sand dunes. Because this resort has been around for some time it has managed to make plenty of resources and services available, which is why it attracts all types of tourist. Throughout the year families will travel here for the great sun and beaches, whilst during the summer groups of young holidaymakers also come to enjoy the sun but also the vibrant nightlife available.

With a great beach past the glorious dunes and fantastic modern facilities all around the resort, you will find this area has plenty to offer everyone which is why it is very popular.

The transfer time from Gran Canaria Airport will be around 30 to 40 minutes, and during this time you can enjoy the natural beauty that blesses the island as well as the many different landscapes it has due to its volcanic origins.

There is plenty of accommodation available throughout the resort and it’s neighbouring ones too. You will find apartments are rated around 2-4 stars which are mainly occupied by the younger travellers, while the hotels where families and couples head for are rated 4-5 stars. Wherever you choose to stay you will delight in the fact that they all offer tremendous facilities having all updated very well over the years to keep up with the modern day tourist.

With the resort being very popular you can expect a great public transport system that will take you along the coast to other popular resorts. You could take a faster taxi to other locations, but of course the price will be more than the bus.

Maspalomas – Fun & Activities

There is indeed plenty to do in and around Maspalomas for all tourists, perhaps the main destination and most obvious is the beach. The beach is located over the previously mentioned dunes, and these dunes are not to be missed. With their fine white sands they resemble the baron Sahara, but of course not quite as far and wide. Once you make it past the dunes you will enjoy a truly fantastic beach where many choose to spend the majority of the holidays.

On the beach you can expect to find typical fun and games to get up to including snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc. The most popular sport that can be found around the coast is windsurfing due to the winds available off the Atlantic Ocean.

There are plenty of activities to get up to around the place to joyfully pass the day, such as golf, tennis and skating. Things that are great for families to enjoy include horse riding and even camel rides. Head to Aquasur where you will find the biggest water park in the whole of Gran Canaria. Closer you will find Ocean Park which is another water park and very popular with children.

There are 3 shopping centres located in Maspalomas where you can find plenty of different shops selling clothes, jewellery and cosmetics. You will also encounter plenty of souvenir shops that will offer great local crafts to take home as mementos of your holiday.

Maspalomas – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of fine places to eat in Maspalomas, as well as much variety to satisfy most tourists. You find some great cuisine with the English, American, Italian, Chinese and Canarian restaurants. Your hotel is likely to offer food too, many of them serving good menus for children they will also be the best place to pick up a light bite.

Your evening entertainment can be found in your hotel and this may be the best place for families to enjoy a night. For those looking for a drink on a night there are plenty of bars to visit serving cocktails until very late. There are also a few nightclubs to be found where you will be tempted to dance the night away too. There is a good nightlife in Maspalomas where plenty of people come to enjoy it, the nearby resorts of Playa de Ingles and Las Palmas also provide late nights.

Maspalomas – Weather Info

Located on the southern coast Maspalomas enjoys some of the best weather that Gran Canaria has to offer. During the summer season you can expect very high temperatures that will average around 28°C for most of the time and 12 hours of daylight too. Such is the dry nature of the southern areas of Gran Canaria you can expect very little rain if any at all during your holiday.

During the winter Maspalomas will see a little more rain fall, but still not a lot to put off tourists. The temperature will be half what is over the summer period and there will be about 7 hours of sunshine too, this still means that there is plenty of great weather on offer. The temperatures will again rise at around early February to about 20°C before climbing more so in the build up to summer.

Where is Maspalomas?

Take a look at this map of Maspalomas before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Maspalomas
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