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Meloneras Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Meloneras

Beach Meloneras in Gran Canaria

Meloneras – Southern Coast of Gran Canaria

Meloneras is a resort perfect for families and couples where they can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere on their holiday whilst being surrounding by beautiful natural scenery. The coastal resort has plenty to offer families and couples in very calm and quiet circumstances, where many enjoy the peace on the fine golden sands.

The transfer time from Gran Canaria Airport is fairly decent at 40 minutes, and during this time you will have the opportunity to enjoy the great scenery that blesses the landscape of Gran Canaria. The public transport available on the island is very good and reliable so you’ll be able to travel around the island for a low cost. There’s also a reasonably priced taxi service in the resort.

The accommodation available is very good in Meloneras with most offering great facilities for couples and families. The high quality services in most hotels mean the ratings range between 4 to 5 stars.

Meloneras – Fun & Activities

There is a great beach just on the coast at Meloneras where many people choose to spend their holidays soaking up the sun. With golden sands and warm clear waters that are perfectly safe for children to play, the beach is a great place to start relaxing on your holiday. You can find a pedelo hire service to venture out into the Atlantic Ocean away from the shore. Windsurfing is very popular amongst tourists in Meloneras so you can expect many chances to give it a go.

The popular resort of Maspalomas is very close by and there you can take a stroll through the white sand dunes that attract many tourists. There’s also a water park in Maspalomas that many families take advantage of when visiting Gran Canaria. A jeep safari is another popular excursion with tourists and it’s a great way to view the natural beauty on the island up close and personal. Families also enjoy camel safaris as they provide great photo opportunities to remember holidays by.

There are plenty of goods shops available around Meloneras where you will find quality clothes and jewellery on offer. There are plenty of souvenir shops around too where you can pick up great mementos of your trip.

Meloneras – Food & Nightlife

You’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of different types of cuisine on offer in Meloneras to suit all tastes. There are many typical international menus on offer from Canarian, English and Italian restaurants. In many of the coastal resorts there tends to be a strong fishing culture and as a result there are plenty of seafood restaurants to try.

You will find a few bars to extend a night till late where couples tend to enjoy romantic evenings. Primarily this resort caters for families and people who enjoy quiet and calm surroundings day and night, but for a later night with a few clubs head to closely located Maspalomas.

Meloneras – Weather Info

The southerly resorts on all of the Canary Islands enjoy the best weather because of their location, and Meloneras is no different. During the summer the resort enjoys some of the hottest weather on Gran Canaria with temperatures going as high as 28°C during the peak months. The north of the islands see’s most of the rain but the south may see a little also from time to time, but it’s quite rare.

Over winter you can expect the temperature to be half of what it is in summer and you can expect a touch more rain also. The climates stay warm through summer which means that the rain that does occur will generally clear up quick enough. At the start of February temperatures will start to pick up once again in preparation of the summer coming back around.

Where is Meloneras?

Take a look at this map of Meloneras before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Meloneras
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