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Playa Amadores Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Playa Amadores

Playa de Amadores (Amadores beach) in Gran Canaria

Playa Amadores – South Western Coast of Gran Canaria

Down on the south western coast of Gran Canaria you will find the warm and relaxing resort of Playa Amadores. This resort is very popular with families because of its friendly atmosphere and the general cleanliness of the area. The resort has its own beach with fantastic golden sands and crystal clear waters that make it perfect for children to play in.

The transfer time from Gran Canaria Airport will be just over an hour, and you should take this time to view some of the natural beauty of the island. You can also spend this time becoming a little more familiar with your new surroundings.

The accommodation in this area is very unique as due the landscape being covered with hills many of the hotels are suited on cliff sides. The rating of accommodation in Playa Amadores ranges from 2 to 4 stars.

You will find that the public transport system around the region is very good, so you shouldn’t suffer too much if you need access to other nearby areas. Alternatively you could take a taxi which can be quicker but also more expensive.

Playa Amadores – Fun & Activities

Many couples who visit the area enjoy taking a walking or hiking trip to see as much of the tranquil beauty that blesses every inch of this exotic island. Tourists also enjoy walking through the white sand dunes of Maspalomas. There are some Camel rides available nearby that are a great photo opportunity, especially for families.

You could venture up and down the coast in search of tucked away and secluded coves to enjoy the weather, but you won’t find much better than the huge beach at Playa Amadores. It does tend to get busy but its size easily copes with it, there is also many sun loungers so there is plenty of room for everyone. The sea itself offers plenty of things to do with pedelos and the likes. The most popular activity, however, is scuba diving where you can arrange to be taken to see the colourful marine life of the Atlantic Ocean as well as some under water wreckage. In the evening, many people gather to the beach to enjoy the magical sun set, and at a certain point you can see in the distance the peak of Mount Teide all the way in Tenerife.

All around Playa Amadores you can expect to find shops where you can purchase souvenirs of your holiday as well as clothes and jewellery shops too. With transport to other resorts quite easy, you may delight in travelling to them to see what other shops are available.

Playa Amadores – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of fine restaurants to choose from on your holiday to Playa Amadores to suit everyone’s tastes. You can expect to find international cuisines such as Italian, English, Chinese and of course some native Canarian restaurants. There are some seafood restaurants on offer around the area also.

There are a few bars here and there but don’t expect a wild night in Playa Amadores, for that you will have to head to one of the nearby resorts. In Puerto Rico there are quite a few bars that have live music and provide much more entertainment for those who like livelier nights.

Playa Amadores – Weather Info

The southern resorts get the best weather on the Canary Islands and you can expect the same from Playa Amadores. During the summer season you will enjoy high temperatures, around 28°C in fact. There will be little rainfall over the summer and you would be unlucky to see any at all on your stay. The heat can be intense at times, so you’ll be glad to hear that when the cool breeze blows in from the sea it can provide a great relief from the high temperature.

Winter time will see the temperatures enjoyed during summer halved, and you can expect there to be a little more rain but not too much. The temperature will still remain around 15°C until around February when it will begin to rise once more building up to summer.

Where is Playa Amadores?

Take a look at this map of Playa Amadores before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Playa Amadores
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