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Playa Taurito Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Playa Taurito

The beach and sea front at Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria

Playa Taurito – South Western Coast of Gran Canaria

Located in a valley where the rocky landscape comes all the way down to the sea. Tucked away, the resort of Playa Taurito is a nice peaceful area where many families and couples choose to spend their summer holidays. The resort is closely located to the lively Puerto Rico where there is fun nightlife which many make a trip to and take advantage of on some nights.

Gran Canaria Airport is located far on the east coast of the island which makes the transfer time about an hour and a half, but this time can be made use of by viewing the fantastic scenery available on the island. Also you can take in some of the geography to give yourself a better understanding of your new surroundings.

The beach of Playa Taurito is very beautiful with its fine white sands, along with warm blue waters washing up. This beach is popular because it is very clean and safe for children to play, leaving parents stress free.

Those staying will find the accommodation very appealing with some located on the hills and Cliffside of the area. The rating of hotels in the region varies between 3 and 5 stars.

Playa Taurito – Fun & Activities

Playa Taurito doesn’t offer a great amount to do apart from the beach and the odd activity provided by the hotels. This matches the relaxed atmosphere the resort wants to have for its tourists, although nearby Puerto Rico offers what Playa Taurito doesn’t. In Puerto Rico you will find some fun waters sports to try such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, snorkelling and windsurfing. Puerto Rico also has its own water park (Aqua Park) which is popular with families.

If you don’t enjoy sitting around on the quiet scenic beach that is in Playa Taurito you could make a trip to Maspalomas on the South East coast and enjoy the glorious white sanded dunes with a camel ride, then head down to a fantastic beach.

There are many excursions you can go on whilst on the island like boat trips around the coast of the island, a boat trip to Northern Africa, Morocco to be precise. You can also go to a surf school and learn the basics and even have a go in the Atlantic.

There are a few shops around the place mainly offering gifts that are suitable souvenirs, though you will find easy and cheap transport to neighbouring resorts that can offer a greater variety for shoppers.

Playa Taurito – Food & Nightlife

There is a good choice of Italian, English and Spanish restaurants available around the resort for tourists, but for an even wider choice you will have to make a short journey to any of the nearby resorts.

There are a couple of bars to be found that are very calm and quiet for those who enjoy a relaxing drink at the end of the day. The nightlife is low key which suits the locals and the target tourists. Once more if you desire something a little extra you will have to head to the next resort along, Puerto Rico has a very good nightlife.

Playa Taurito – Weather Info

Playa Taurito is located on the islands south coast. This means that the resort will enjoy Gran Canaria's best weather. The dry nature of the area also means that you will experience almost no rain during the summer period. Peak summer temperatures will be around 28°C which is one of highest in Europe.

Over winter the temperature will half which means it’s still much warmer than most countries. This period will also see a little more rain, but it generally clears up quick enough, plus the north of the island see’s the most of it. Come early February temperatures start to pick up again and keep climbing till summer comes back around.

Where is Playa Taurito?

Take a look at this map of Playa Taurito before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Playa Taurito
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