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Puerto Rico Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Puerto Rico

El Morro and the La Perla district of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – South Western Coast of Gran Canaria

Holidaymakers will find the Gran Canaria resort of Puerto Rico is a nice relaxing place that offers something for every tourist and being located in a valley between mountains means that you will be protected from any harsh winds. Those things aside when night arrives you can expect a very good nightlife with plenty of late bars that groups of singles comes to enjoy.

The transfer time from Gran Canaria Airport to the resort of Puerto Rico will be about an hour, though travelling along the coast you will be able to see the many different resorts on offer that could be worth visiting whilst on your stay.

With many people heading to the coastal resort you can expect the beautifully manmade beach to become quite busy despite its large size. However there are plenty of parasols and sun loungers to go around. There are plenty of other beaches available along the coast that are closely located also.

The accommodation on offer in Puerto Rico consists mainly of apartments that are rated between 2-3 stars, you will find a few hotels that are of a good standard too.

Puerto Rico – Fun & Activities

Scenic view of tourist beach Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are located very closely together and there are ferry’s on offer that can take tourists to Gran Canarias neighbours. You could visit Tenerife where you can find great shopping and a number of excursions including Loro Park to see dolphins and marine life in captivity. You could take a cruise off the coast of Puerto Rico where stops are made for holidaymakers to take a swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The many beaches nearby as well as the manmade beach at the resort will offer a multitude of water activities for people to take part in such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, water-skiing, scuba diving, sailing and snorkelling.

Away from the water there is a Camal Safari, a Jeep Safari and a Crocodile theme park that are all worth giving a go as most people travelling to the island will have only seen such creatures on the TV.

There is plenty of good shops to visit in Puerto Rico where you can expect to find a little more than local crafts, there is also clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery and electrical goods available to purchase.

Puerto Rico – Food & Nightlife

There are plenty of great restaurants to be found in and around Puerto Rico with popular dishes from some nations expected to be on offer. You will of course find some traditional Spanish menus but also traditional restaurants serving food from China, Thailand, India, Germany, Italy and Mexico. There are many American fast food restaurants darted around the area.

If you want a good night out then you’ll be happy to know that the resort of Puerto Rico delivers well on that front. Also, there are a wide variety of bars to go to offering great entertainment such as live music or karaoke to enjoy your exotic cocktail with. The party goes on long into the morning in this resort which is why large groups of singles tend to visit.

Puerto Rico – Weather Info

Puerto Rico see’s some of the best weather on the entire island during summer, and with it being located in a valley it suffers little from wind apart from the one that blows in from the north of Africa which can dramatically increase the temperature close to 40°C. This time of year will experience little rain which is another bonus.

The tropical weather in Puerto Rico means that temperatures will still only half from what summer brings which means it stays very warm. There will only be 7 hours of sunshine during winter to summers 12. There will be perhaps the odd shower too but it should clear up quite quickly.

Where is Puerto Rico?

Take a look at this map of Puerto Rico before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Puerto Rico
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