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Matagorda Holidays

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Volcanic landscape and cactus, Lanzarote

Matagorda – Southern Coast of Lanzarote

Matagorda is one of many small suburbs that are located in the large resort of Puerto del Carmen. This small area is purpose built for tourists, which means it offers most if not all of any holidaymaker’s necessities. The area itself is very quiet which means it is ideal for families looking to getaway and enjoy some fine weather. The beach in Matagorda has been awarded the European Blue Flag for cleanliness, and along with fine sands, the clear warm waters make it very safe for children to play in.

One of the best things about Matagorda is that the resort is but a mere 10-20 minutes away from Lanzarote Airport. This means you gain a few precious more moments on this picturesque island.

Matagorda is a popular resort so the standards of accommodation are expected to be high, and with most hotels ranging between 2 to 4 stars all the facilities this modern tourist resort has come to expect are available.

You will find a fine transports system in Lanzarote, with regular bus services taking you to various other resorts along the resort. There’s also a taxi service that will of course be a little more expensive but at the same time much faster.

Matagorda – Fun & Activities

Along the beautiful beach is where many people enjoy most of the day, the warm waters are great for families to have fun in too. There are many water sports located around the beach that offer hours of fun, they include snorkelling, scuba diving and jet skiing. The most popular sport on the beach is windsurfing which is mainly down to the cool breezes that are perfect for the sport.

Away from the beach you will find a go karting track which is plenty of fun for all the family, but most popular with children is the Aqua Park located in Costa Teguise. Lanzarote is of course famous for its landscape as a third of it is scarred by eruptions from the Montanas del Fuego. The Timanfaya National Park will take you on a guided tour of the path of destruction molten lava took centuries ago. This is the most popular excursion on the whole island for all tourists and is definitely a must visit.

You will find enough places to shop for clothes and jewellery, but within Matagorda you will mainly find souvenir shops to pick up local crafts. For a better shopping experience you will need to head to one of the more busy resorts, such as Puerto del Carmen.

Matagorda – Food & Nightlife

There are a few restaurants around the resort offering Italian and other popular international cuisines. There is a strong fishing culture on the coast of most the Canary Islands and Matagorda is no different, as a result you will find a couple of fine seafood restaurants. The food available if you stay in a restaurant will have a good menu, catering well for children too. For more choice you will need to travel out of Matagorda in search unfortunately, Puerto del Carmen and Los Pocillos are two good options.

Matagorda is fairly quiet in mind, which is not surprising considering that many families choose this resort over the summer. That results in only a few bars being available at night, though they will stay open reasonably late. Hotels offer some live entertainment at night for all the family too. However for people interested in an extended night with cocktails and the like then a trip to larger resorts is in order.

Matagorda – Weather Info

Southerly located resorts claim the best weather amongst the Canary Islands, so you can expect great temperatures, 28°C, during the summer months of June, July and August. The climate is very dry in Matagorda and this means that you will see very little rain during summer.

The winter months in Matagorda see’s a little more rainfall but it generally clears up quick enough. The temperature will drop to around half of what it is during summer, which means you can expect things still to be quite humid. Which is why many spend their Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the Canary Islands.

Where is Matagorda?

Take a look at this map of Matagorda before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Matagorda
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