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El Medano Holiday

Summer on Tenerife this Year

Fishing boat on the beach of El Medano village, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

El Medano – South Coast of Tenerife

The quaint resort of El Medano is the ideal place to lay back and relax under the hot summer sun and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Located along the south coast El Medano is away from the busy area of the island near resorts such as Playa de las Americas, which makes it ideals for families and couples looking to relax over summer. The beautiful El Medano beach and sublime views make this a place where you can truly unwind during a holiday. With plenty of sports and activities around the beach and throughout the resort, tourists will find plenty to help them enjoy their stay in El Medano.

You flight out into the Atlantic Sea will land at Tenerife South Airport which is literally a 10-15 minute drive to the resort. This swift transfer to El Medano means you can begin your holiday almost as soon as you land.

There is plenty of secure and comfortable accommodation on offer for tourists to enjoy when selecting the right place to stay. Choose from the El Medano apartments which offer reasonably priced rooms for travellers looking to enjoy a self catering holiday. There are many El Medano hotels to choose from also which provide all inclusive options along with top quality services and facilities.

You will find plenty of great transport that will take you around the island to other popular resorts including Playa de las Americas. Taxis can also be found which makes travel quicker but more expensive.

El Medano – Sightseeing & Activities

Relaxation is the key element to a holiday in El Medano, and where better to do it than on the beach. Kick back this summer and enjoy the endless sunshine that the Canary Islands experience all year long. You can spend your days laid back on El Medano beach or you can try out one of the many water sports available. Windsurfing is particularly popular with locals and tourists throughout the Canary Islands because the strong winds provide the ideal weather for it. Big game fishing is also popular with tourists as well as cruises out in the Atlantic Ocean to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

As El Medano is not heavily populated like other areas of the island you should take the time to enjoy walks around the town and take in the sights such as the architecture and remnants of what was a low key fishing village only a few decades ago. Out of the resort you will be able to enjoy the magnificent and tropical countryside which Tenerife is blessed with. There will be plenty of tours and excursions available offering you the chance to enjoy the islands natural beauty such as trips to Montana Rojo and Montana Pelada.

A large golf course can be found just outside of El Medano which is open for tourists to come enjoy a game or two. Families will certainly be interested in spending a day at the nearby water spark which has a variety of rides and slides that will keep the kids entertained.

Those who enjoy a good shopping spree won’t be disappointed with what is on offer in El Medano. There is a local market which is ideal for picking up unique souvenirs as well as plenty of shops around the resort. Making the journey over to Playa de las Americas will open up much more shopping opportunities also.

El Medano – Cuisine & Nightlife

You will find a fair few restaurants around El Medano which mainly offer traditional Spanish dishes, including tapas, as well as many places serving fresh and tasty seafood meals. You will also find that many of the restaurants offer diverse menus with plenty of British and Italian dishes on offer. There are many cafes open during the day when you are looking for a quick snack. Many tourists delight in what El Medano hotels offer in the way of cuisine, especially when travelling all inclusive.

The nightlife is low key in El Medano which is good news for those looking to go there this year. The whole ethos behind the resort is to relax and that is the key reason tourists choose it. While the night scene isn’t big you will find a few bars to enjoy a drink as the sun sets and hotels generally provided some evening entertainment, but most places are closed by around midnight.

El Medano – Weather & Climate

Tenerife has some of the best weather you can find over summer, as do all the Canary Islands, and in El Medano you can expect to enjoy the best of it. Located on the south coast you will experience the best of the summer weather, with July and August seeing temperatures regularly over 30°C. The seemingly endless hours of sun gives tourists plenty of time to work on a great tan.

Winter in the Canary Islands isn’t time to put on the big jackets as the temperatures rarely ever drop below double figures. This great year round weather makes places like El Medano a great place to visit to avoid the cold and bitter winters back in the UK. When spring comes around the weather begins getting very warm once again as summer is only ever just around the corner.

Where is El Medano?

Take a look at this map of El Medano before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of El Medano
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