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Santa Ursula Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Santa Ursula


Santa Ursula – Northern Tenerife

Holidaymakers will find Santa Ursula a very relaxing place that offers a lot of culture whilst on a holiday in Tenerife. Much of the area is made up of farm land and urban housing and while tourism is a big part of what it’s about, most of the scenery doesn’t suggest so.

The transfer time from Tenerife North Airport will be around an hour or so, during this time you may want to take an early peak of what fantastic green landscape there is in the north of this tropical island.

The accommodation in this resort is mainly built for families and couples who are looking to relax and as a result you will find many luxury hotels at 4-5 stars which will offer everything you need and more whilst on your holiday.

Santa Ursula – Fun & Activities

You will find some great sights around Santa Ursula as well as some breathtaking scenery such as the Orotava Valley. Around the resort you can venture to many cliffs, valleys and even make your way up to Mount Teide where you can get some picturesque views of the island from this fantastic view point.

To sit back and relax on a beach you will need to make a journey down the west coast to a place called Punta Brava just past Puerto de la Cruz, on the way you can marvel at the stunning cliffs that look out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many boat excursions available all around the island, some taking you to the neighbouring Canary Islands while others take you out into the Atlantic to see some of the exotic marine life that lives in the local waters.

Volcano tours are very popular on the island and an organised coach climbs Mount Teide showing tourists the best sights.

There is a water park (Aquapark) for people to enjoy which is in nearby Puerto de la Cruz and can be reached by either car or by the very good public transport.

In Santa Ursula there are shops where can buy clothes and local crafts that act as good souvenirs but for a more extensive shopping spree you will again want to head to Puerto de la Cruz where you can find some great top brand purchases.

Santa Ursula – Food & Nightlife

There are a few restaurants around the resort offering typical favourite international dishes, though with the top quality hotels in the area the food there could be a really good option but either way it’s all reasonably priced. With the many close resorts you will be able to find some great meals in Tenerife.

The nightlife is mainly hotel based and with families in mind there are a few bars here and there but for an extensive night out then you will need to head out of Santa Ursula. This fact is not too surprising considering the main targets of tourism in the northern region of Tenerife.

Santa Ursula – Weather Info

Santa Ursula experiences great temperatures during the summer season like the rest of the Canary Islands, but like the northern regions of these islands the weather is much cooler more noticeably so during the winter months. Although this may not concern you summer holiday shoppers but many people do like to escape the cold of Britain for a bit of sun over winter and in that case you may want to avoid this resort. That said weather is fantastic during summer and mixed with jaw dropping sights and a relaxing atmosphere Santa Ursula is a great destination.

Where is Santa Ursula?

Take a look at this map of Santa Ursula before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Santa Ursula
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