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Cape Verde Holidays

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A boat on the beach in Santa Maria, Cape Verde

Cape Verde - A Group of Islands with So Much to Offer

The stunning Cape Verde is made up of ten volcanic islands and five small islets. The combination of impressive mountain ranges and deserted beaches make Cape Verde holidays extremely popular with a variety of different travellers. Each island offers something different, from the vibrant atmosphere of Santiago to the calm diving islet of Boa Vista. Many people head to Cape Verde to enjoy the fantastic windsurfing conditions, the diving is also very popular as many 16th century shipwrecks line the clear ocean floor. The islands themselves are very picturesque, attracting families and couples who want to enjoy a relaxing break in beautiful surroundings. The increasing tourism to the islands has led to a wide range of modern facilities being added, so whether you want to stay active or simply relax on the beach, a Cape Verde holiday is a great choice. The beaches in Cape Verde are some of the best in the world with golden sands and gentle slopes leading to turquoise waters. Many tourists choose Cape Verde as a luxury holiday destination, with several hotels offering a five star service and private beaches. There are also several varieties of budget and mid range accommodation, from beachside hotels to private villas.

Cape Verde holidays offer something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want a lively, exciting break or simply a scenic beach getaway, you can find the perfect island for you. With picturesque surroundings and a wide range of things to see and do, there really is no time to be bored during a holiday to Cape Verde. Families will enjoy the quiet, safe atmosphere of Boa Vista whereas younger travellers will prefer the vibrancy of Santiago.

Wherever you choose to visit you are guaranteed to find a fantastic insight into the history and culture of the islands. Explore the world heritage sites and the ancient salt mines, discover the ancient landscapes and climb the dormant volcanoes, however you choose to spend your Cape Verde holiday you will definitely come home with unforgettable memories. With so many fantastic deals available to Cape Verde, why not discover the islands for yourself and enjoy a diverse, scenic break.

Cape Verde – History, Culture and Fantastic Water Sports

One of the best ways to spend your time in Cape Verde is by exploring the history and culture of the islands. Each island has its own individual identity meaning that you can experience something different wherever you go. The island of Sal is famous for its salt mines; the mines were built inside an ancient, dormant volcano and are perfect for exploring.

Sao Vicente is the perfect Cape Verde holiday island for those that enjoy live music; it is not uncommon to find the locals enjoying traditional dancing on the beaches so get ready to join in! All of the Cape Verde holiday islands offer fantastic water sports, with excellent waves that are ideal for wind surfing or even jet-skiing. Many hotels are happy to arrange lessons or equipment hires to get you in the water. Cape Verde is one of the best diving sites in the world, it is recommended to take advantage of the facilities and discover the underwater world.

The island of Santiago offers the spectacular Cidade Velha world heritage site. Wander through the city ruins and take in the majestic sea views. For even more stunning scenery, the island of Fogo is a must visit along with the desert like landscape of Boa Vista. The diverse landscapes of the islands attract many species of wildlife, making Cape Verde holiday perfect for nature lovers, especially bird watchers.

Cape Verde – Delicious Delicacies and Local Entertainment

There are so many things to see and do in Cape Verde even after the sun sets. Culinary lovers will be in heaven with fresh local cuisine that is available in most restaurants. Seafood is featured heavily on the local menus; the catch of the day option is very popular as it comes straight from the sea. Visitors to the island can also expect to find a mixture of international cuisines, including Portuguese, African and British restaurants located around the islands.

The nightlife around the islands is centred heavily on traditional live music, locals will perform traditional dancing and encourage you to learn the moves and join in. Nightclubs can also be found near the larger hotels, there is also a wide range of bars that stay open until quite late. Shopping is limited to local street markets and small supermarkets, ideal for those that want to pick up some authentic local souvenirs.

Cape Verde - Weather and Climate

The islands benefit from tropical temperatures making Cape Verde holidays ideal for those who want to escape the winter blues. There is no real cold season, even the winter months are warm enough to pick up a great sun tan. The highest temperatures can be found during August and September which are also the most popular time to visit the islands. The islands do not have much rainfall, the end of October does see some slight showers but they clear up very quickly.

Where is Cape Verde?

Take a look at this map of Cape Verde before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cape Verde

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