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Boat on the beach in Sal, Cape Verde

Sal – North Western Island of Cape Verde

Many will find that the Island of Sal is in fact the most popular with the whole of the Cape Verde Islands, and that is the reason that so many tourist travel to the western coast of Africa. You will find that Sal has something to offer everyone including families, couples and even groups of singles travelling together. The reason that so many different types of tourists travel to Sal is because it has so much to offer, with many cultures found and beautiful scenic sights available at any part of the island.

The transfer times will of course be dependent on how far away your resort is from Amilcar Cabral International Airport, though you will find that the airports central location means that the transfer time will never be too long.

With great weather you can expect great beaches, and Sal does not disappoint in that respect. Sal has numerous beaches to choose from all with fine white sands and clear, warm waters that are very safe for children to play in, but of course some will be busier than others. Santa Maria has perhaps the best beach on the island and is also regarded as the islands main tourist town. Whatever beach you head to you can expect great sport facilities and entertainment for all to enjoy.

Many of the great coastal resorts offer accommodation that lines the beaches which will provide fantastic views. The prices of a holiday and the accommodation will varies to help accommodate those travelling on a budget as well as those looking for a luxury 5 star hotel or villa.

Sal – Fun & Activities

Sal does have many beautiful beaches, that is no lie, but rather than just soaking up the sun on a lounger all day long you can also get involved with plenty of water based activities to liven up your days down by the sea. Some of the popular water sports found include surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. The scuba diving excursions in particular are quite enjoyable as you get to marvel at the many colourful schools of tropical fish that fill the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding waters are also frequently visited by Humpback Whales who bring the calves past Murdeira Bay, Turtles are another consistent visitor and to lay their eggs on the shores. Children will enjoy visiting the shipwrecks in the local shores, including the East Indiamen sank with all its treasures. At the back of beaches you will appreciate the many cafes and shops which provide good snacks, shopping and shade to escape the sun.

Back on land you will discover plenty of things to do also such as tennis, 4x4 safaris or even a few rounds of golf. Your accommodation often provides plenty of fun to have during the day. Island tours through the rest of Cape Verde are very popular and tourists enjoy trips to the likes of Boa Vista. Back on Sal you can enjoy trip round the volcano crater of Pedra de Lume located on the eastern part of the island.

With Sal being the most popular of the Cape Verde Islands you can expect plenty of shopping opportunities in the various resorts. The shopping available will include plenty of clothes and souvenirs to take home with you, there also places offering surfing equipment. You will come across the odd market whilst in Sal and though you may not find anything particularly to your liking, however, it is a fun experience all the same.

Sal – Food & Nightlife

The accommodations through the island all offer great dining, especially in the luxury hotels, with plenty offering typical dishes with Europeans in mind. Of course eating out is a key feature whilst on holiday and you can expect plenty of choice in order to suits all tastes. You will find typical international cuisines such as Spanish, Indian and Italian restaurants on offer. There will be plenty of seafood restaurants to be found also serving dishes like cachupa, fresh tuna and lobster, along with plenty of local dishes too. These are more evening destinations of course so for those who will only want a quick bite between exploring then there is many pasta and pizza bars to head to during the day.

Many of the alcoholic drinks on offer are of local produce a lot of the wine being served has been collected from local vineyards and the same goes for beer with many places brewing their own. Sal is the liveliest place amongst the Cape Verde Islands with many bars offering live music and cocktails as well as plenty of discos to dance the night away. Such is the draw to all types of tourists to Sal you will find many quiet resorts available where the evening atmosphere is very relaxed where families can relax.

Sal – Weather Info

You will experience truly fantastic weather on the Cape Verde Island of Sal, weather which remains very warm throughout the whole year. During the summer the temperatures have been known to go as high as 10°C higher than in the Canary Islands at the same time of year which means you can expect at least a 30°C average between August and September, although most sunshine is enjoyed between March and June. The is rarely any bad weather on the island, there will be some rainfall and the most which will come during August generally but with the great weather it clears up quickly and the sun will be out before long. The water that surrounds the shores will also be very warm which makes them great for having a swim.

During winter you can expect the temperatures still to be around 20°C which is a great example of the weather that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year in Sal. There is some rain through the winter but again generally clears quickly. There have been hurricanes that have hit the Cape Verde Islands but they always occur way out on the western islands such as Sao Vincente. The weather starts to climb up again as early as January and keep doing so till summer comes back around.

Where is Sal?

Take a look at this map of Sal before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Sal
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