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Caribbean Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Caribbean

A woman on holiday, relaxing under a parasol on the beach by the Caribbean Sea

Caribbean - Perfect Weather and Amazing Sights

Holidays in the Caribbean have always been regarded as one of the top travel destinations. There are 41 islands in the Caribbean separated into a number of island groups including the Barbados, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles; Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles identified as the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands including Grenada, Trinadad and Tabago, we could go on.

Holidays in the Caribbean are a popular cruise destination, and all inclusive holidays to the Caribbean are very popular. Equally some of the islands have a great selection of villas, apartments or hotels which mostly range from 3-5 stars.

Your trip doesn’t have to be costly either, that’s just one of the many great things about a holiday in the Caribbean. You can get some excellent rates. If you get off the beaten track, the Caribbean can be cheap.

Exceptional hospitality has become the corporate slogan for all holidays in the Caribbean. This translates into more relaxation for you. Whether you want water activities, historical excursions or just visiting some of the oldest caves in the world you can find it at the Caribbean Islands.

If your holiday to the Caribbean needs to include a decent night life with parties that go well into the night, then you need to head for one of the bigger islands such as Barbados. However, if you are looking for something a little more laid back why book your family holidays in the Caribbean Island of Tobago.

So to recap, picturesque beaches combined with overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes and high quality accommodation which cater to individual needs, on top of which you get cuisine, drinks and excellent service. Take a look at cheapholidays.com and see the deals we have for all-inclusive holidays to the Caribbean.

Caribbean - a Wide Range of Water Sports and Land Activities for You to Enjoy

Coral, fish and turtle in the Caribbean sea

Holidays in the Caribbean are a favourite for diving enthusiasts. The water of course is something beyond belief, not only is it an environment filled with various fish and sea creatures but it’s also very warm. You really don’t know what you are missing until you first wade into the water to discover the welcoming warmth. It’s something that you’ve got to try for yourself.

Yes the Caribbean is simply a marvellous place and your Caribbean adventures will be amazing in every way possible. Just book your Caribbean holidays today and start planning for the time of a lifetime.

Caribbean - Plenty of Cuisines to Choose from and a Range of Nightlife

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with grilled pineapple, rice, peas and lime

You will discover that Caribbean has a food culture all of its own and it varies from island to island. Do you love food? No matter where you take your holidays in the Caribbean, I guarantee whether you are in a five star hotel or taking lunch in a road side café you will experience some of the best food you have ever had. The Caribbean Islands are simply associated with great food.

After you’ve enjoyed a delicious dinner, step out and wander the streets going from pub to bar and maybe even into some clubs. The nightlife is just fantastic with great music, entertainment and performances almost everywhere you go. Not to mention the drinks are relatively cheap which only adds to the excitement.

Car hire in the Caribbean, if practical and available is a must. As for getting around, well quite frankly it’s never been easier, the taxis are very affordable, reliable and prompt. They’ll get you where you want to be and they’re always a great conversation. The locals are just something else, they’re very friendly and always up for some conversation, by the end of the trip you’ll have a permanent smile on your face from all the smiles you get back.

Caribbean Weather and Climate

Caribbean beach with sunbeds, parasols, palm trees and hammock

Before holidaying in the Caribbean make sure that you research the destination and check out when the rainy season occurs. This can also be hurricane season. It’s not much fun when it’s windy and raining.

Where is Caribbean?

Take a look at this map of Caribbean before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Caribbean

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