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Antigua Holidays

Relax in Paradise this Year


Antigua - A Beautiful Caribbean Island

Thousands of tourists fly out to the shores of Antigua each year to enjoy the surroundings of what truly is a tropical paradise. Couples are the most frequent of visitors to the Caribbean island which is a popular setting for weddings and honeymoons. There are as many beaches as there are days in the year which can leave you spoilt for choice on Antigua holidays. Search the coast and find the perfect Antigua beach for you, though each is as picturesque as the next.

Your transfer from the islands major airport, VC Bird International, is in the north so dependent on where your Antigua accommodation is will have a large baring on the time. Antigua isn’t too large itself so you will be able to reach your accommodation in not much longer than two hours in the worst case scenario.

When you are weighing up your options for Antigua accommodation you have plenty of luxurious and budget rooms available. There are plenty of apartments offering self catering around the island making your stay on the island relatively cheap but many people enjoy staying in the fantastic Antigua hotels where you can take advantage of the great facilities and services during your stay. Whatever accommodation you are looking at on Antigua holidays you will find that it ranges between 3 to 5 stars mainly.

The public transport in Antigua is very good, you will find buses and taxis are readily available to take tourists around towns and to other nearby resorts. A piece of local knowledge that will aid you is to tip taxis around 10%.

Antigua – Fun & Activities

Enjoy your holiday on Antigua beach as that is where most tourists will be heading first thing on most mornings. With there been hundreds of beaches to choose from you will be happy to know that there will be one in walking distance from any of the beaches around the coast. As with any popular holiday beach you will be able to enjoy a range of fantastic water sports including surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, sailing and even a spot of deep sea fishing too. The light blue waters around the coast make it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving where you can marvel at the colourful tropical fish as well as the reefs and shipwrecks underwater. Boats trips are similarly popular on Antigua holidays where you can view the wonders of the deep through a glass bottom. Luxury cruises will take you right along the coast of Antigua to enjoy many secluded beaches that are thought to be the best the island has.

Relaxing in the sun is why people come to Antigua and with the various beach barbeques where the drinks are flowing, including various beers and rum, which are always popular. At the various open events throughout the island, tourists are more than welcome to join in festivities and listen to the steel bands and authentic Caribbean music on their Antigua holidays.

Away from the beach area you can also take walks out into the lush green countryside of Antigua which is filled with tropical plantation like coconut palms and various birds and reptiles only found in the Caribbean. Stingray City is a popular place to visit where you can swim with stingrays for a unique experience.

Spa treatment is a way that you can really take advantage of the relaxing nature on Antigua holidays, some people prefer a bit of retail therapy which is also very much possible in places like John’s shopping centres which have various items like clothes and souvenirs that you would want to purchase on your holiday.

Antigua – Food & Nightlife

On an evening you will be able to enjoy a fantastic meal in one of the fine restaurants that can be found along the beachfront in Antigua. You will be able to select from various popular international cuisines in the Caribbean, French, Italian and West Indian restaurants. Seafood restaurants are also very good on the island. Most of the Antigua hotels provide a great place to eat as many of the 5 star hotels have their own professional chefs.

The nightlife on the island is very lively and you will be able to enjoy a fine evening drink in one of the classy bars around the popular areas of Antigua. The nightclubs are similarly stylish offering fantastic venues to listen to music and wind down a hot and fun filled day.

Antigua – Weather Info

Antigua enjoys great weather all year long and the fantastic natural scenery adds to the beauty of the island making it one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The summer is of course the best time to visit as the temperatures are at their hottest and during July and September you can expect the average to be 30°C which is perfect to enjoy the Antigua beach scene with. 9 hours of constant sunshine a day should be more than enough for you to work on a fantastic holiday tan too.

The winters in Antigua are pretty much the same as the summer apart from a 5°C fall in temperature. Antigua holidays are enjoyed all year round because the sun is always shining out in the Caribbean. When it does rain in Antigua you can rest assured it won’t last long and before you know it the sun will be shining strong once again.

Where is Antigua?

Take a look at this map of Antigua before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Antigua
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