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Bahamas Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Bahamas

Tropical beach jetty in the Bahamas

Bahamas – Central America by the Caribbean Sea

Bahamas holidays come highly recommended from those who themselves have been and experienced the unforgettable island magic that it oozes. The endless sun, white sandy beaches and shallow turquoise waters make the Bahamas one of the best holiday destinations in the world. There are over 700 islands off the coast some of which are completely isolated and offer tourists the chance of ultimate relaxation in tropical surroundings. Many people come to the Bahamas to get married.

Your holidays in the Bahamas start on your approach of Lynden Pindling International Airport as the views of the lush green tropical mainland and picturesque coast will have you aching to land. The transfer from the airport will depend on where about your Bahamas hotel is but it shouldn’t take much longer than an hour.

Most of the accommodation in the Bahamas is quite expensive so if you are looking for a holiday there don’t expect there to be too many budget rooms available. When you are choosing the right Bahamas hotel to stay at you’ll come across many well known hotel chains offering fantastic luxury during your stay. While there are only few budget options to enjoy holidays in the Bahamas there are some and they also tend be self catering rooms.

Buses and taxis are available on the island for tourists to use to get around though many people enjoy taking boat rides to visit nearby islands.

Bahamas – Fun & Activities

The fantastic setting of the beach is where many people dream about and once you arrive it is something that you will delight in relaxing. Pull up a sun lounger and soak up the endless hours of sun on the white sanded beaches during your Bahamas holidays. Enjoy a swim in the shallow turquoise waters that wash up on the shores or try one of the popular water sports available such as windsurfing and parasailing. Diving is probably the most popular excursion during the day where tourists can swim with the colourful and tropical marine life that lives in the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, as well as various reefs and cays.

Many people enjoy renting out yachts and boats and exploring along the shores during their holidays in the Bahamas. Tourists can experience swimming with sharks off Long Island and Blue Lagoon Island is the perfect place to play with dolphins. Explore the shipwrecks off Bimini and visit the underwater preserve Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park. Staying in Bimini you can enjoy a bit of relaxing fishing in an area known as the big game fishing capital of the world.

The beautiful scenery is an activity itself and by simply walking around the island you will be able to take to enjoy the palm trees which line the beaches, perhaps the best way to enjoy the natural beauty on holidays in Bahamas is by playing a hole or two of golf. There are world class courses and facilities to enjoy in Bahamas which is sure to intrigue the keen golfers out there.

Luxury items are often found at bargain prices in the Bahamas, the street salesman can be direct though they appreciate a sense of humour and can be a memorable part of your experience. Cuban cigars are a popular purchase but you should be wary of most places selling them as many are counterfeit.

Bahamas – Food & Nightlife

There is plenty of fine food to choose from during holidays in Bahamas, seafood is a particular favourite and you will find many restaurants specialising in that area of cuisine. You will have a good choice of classy restaurants on an evening serving American and British style menus. Many of the Bahamas hotels also offer plenty of great food to their guests at the in house restaurants. During the day if you are looking for a quick than you will have plenty of fast food restaurants to visit including the likes of McDonalds and KFC.

There is a fantastic nightlife to enjoy during Bahamas holidays and the mood of the island life really comes out. Dance the night away to rhythmic Bahamian music in various bars, many of which found right on the beach. Depending when you visit you can join in the Junkanoo festivities which include street parades during summer as well as on New Years and Boxing Day. You can simply sit back with a glass of rum and wait for the sunset, a moment that many people have come to the Bahamas to enjoy.

Bahamas – Weather Info

The weather in the Bahamas is very humid and during the summer you can enjoy fantastic sun and other months also maintain very hot temperatures. Your Bahamas holidays during summer will see the average temperature of 28°C during the peak months of July and August. This great weather along with cloudless skies enables tourists to come and enjoy the 12 hours of sunshine a day to work on a great tan.

The winter is surprising the most popular time to visit the island as temperatures rarely drop below 20°C during the middle of the day. Most tourists visit the island between November and April to escape cold winters back home. The all year round appeal of the island makes it one of the best places to enjoy a holiday.

One word of warning for those considering holidays in the Bahamas is that June to November is seen as hurricane season so if you are planning to travel during this time it is worth checking the weather reports to see if there is any risk during your stay at that time.

Where are the Bahamas?

Take a look at this map of Bahamas before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Bahamas
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