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Barbados Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Barbados

Palm trees at Bottom Bay, Barbados

Barbados – Easterly Island of the Caribbean

The beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados is one of the most sought after holiday destinations, where the sun shines all day long and the lifestyle is as laid back and relaxing as it comes. All types of tourists seek out holidays in Barbados to experience an unforgettable Caribbean break and it is also a popular place for honeymooners. Picturesque beaches can be found all along the coast where fine pale sands merge with shallow turquoise shores which make Barbados travel all worthwhile. The small island country is both scenic and friendly which makes it easier to feel at home and start enjoying your Barbados holiday instantly.

There is only one major airport on the island the Grantley Adams International Airport which will be where your holiday to Barbados begins. The airport is located on the South Coast so dependent on where your resort is your transfer time will vary. Despite this, travel to your accommodation shouldn’t take too much longer than an hour in the worst case scenario.

There is plenty of great accommodation to choose from for your holidays in Barbados all of which have the typically friendly and ever smiling staff that seems ever present in all Caribbean hotels. Hotels on the island will range between 2 to 5 stars offering luxury accommodation and more low cost budget options. All the hotels on the island have fantastic services and facilities for tourists to enjoy. Many tourists also enjoy staying in Barbados holiday villas where the great locations can offer up some breathtaking views of the island and the Caribbean Sea.

There is a great public transport system available offering buses which are ideal if you intend getting around Barbados to see other resorts and beaches on your holiday. Taxis are also available, though a little more expensive, but make sure you agree a price before you go anywhere.

Barbados – Fun & Activities

Relaxing on the beach during Barbados holidays is almost religious. Just imagine yourself soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand watching the day go by, that is the image we all have of the Caribbean. The West Coast is where you will find most of Barbados’ beautiful beaches. Along the beach you can either relax on a sun lounger or on a towel working on a great tan under the endless hours of sun provided. Alternatively you can try out one of the fantastic water sports and activities available on Barbados holidays such as water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, parasailing, paragliding and many, many more. You can also try some more laid back water activities like fishing which is very popular with locals. Diving is great on Barbados holidays too as you are able to swim deep and see the various colourful schools of tropical fish in the Caribbean Sea. Boat tours can take you out into the sea and over to visit shipwrecks and hidden caves along the way and other Caribbean Islands also.

Other activities on offer are equally entertaining as there are plenty of sports to play and enjoy, including the nationally popular game of cricket. Horse riding is another worthwhile experience during holidays in Barbados. Tennis courts and golf course are frequently visited by tourists who appreciate a bit of exercise whilst on holiday.

The natural beauty of Barbados is something that you can explore and discover in a number of ways. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve has many different species of animals that can be found throughout the Caribbean such as Tortoises and Monkeys. The East Road is the ideal place to enjoy a brisk walk as you can see fantastic views of the sea. Farley Hill National Park and Harrison’s Cave are should be on your list of things to see also whilst on holiday in Barbados. Bridgetown is the country’s capital and a visit there will allow you to see various historic sites and landmarks.

Tourist enjoy the duty free shopping available on the island which includes various products like alcohol, perfume, tobacco, designer clothes, cosmetics and jewellery.

Barbados – Fun & Nightlife

The food available on Barbados holidays is fantastic, you will find a wide variety of cuisines to choose from including many traditional dishes that are a must try. Many of the luxury hotels provide terrific meals for guests where you can enjoy the true flavour of Caribbean cuisine. You will be able to find more neutral food in the Italian, Greek, Indian and Chinese restaurants located throughout Barbados. If you simply want to pick up a bite to eat during the day whilst you are discovering your new surroundings then you will be able to make a quick pit stop in the likes of KFC.

The nightlife on Barbados holidays is like no other, you will be submerged in the lively and intoxicating Caribbean rhythm. Over the course of the year there are various festivals going on and if you get the chance to experience one you will find that Barbados becomes and even more jovial place than normal. In the bars and on the beaches you will find things like BBQ’s, reggae music or steel bands are entertaining the masses. St. Lawrence Gap and Bridgetown are seen as the best places to enjoy the lively and colourful nightlife that Barbados holidays has.

Barbados – Weather Info

The weather in Barbados should need little explanation as the temperatures over the course of the rarely ever drop below 20°C. People are often warned not to visit during summer if their skin can’t handle too much sun as the daily average is around 30°C. May, June, July, August and September are the warmest months where sunny days seem to never end. The summer period is not the busiest time for tourism so you may find that there is little going on.

From December to April is when most tourists come to enjoy Barbados holidays as the average temperature drops to around 20°C. The sea breeze cools more effectively during the winter and spring months and holidaymakers find the humidity much more bearable. During this time you will be able to combine the 8 to 10 hours of sun shine with the fact that any rain that occurs is very brief making Barbados the ideal holiday destination, not just for the memorable experience but as a chance to escape the cold British winters.

Where is Barbados?

Take a look at this map of Barbados before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Barbados
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