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Holidays in Cuba

Enjoy an Exotic Escape with Holidays to Cuba

Beautiful tropical beach in Cuba with white sands and stunning turquoise waters

Cuba - A Spectacular Caribbean Destination

Cuba holidays are perfect for anyone looking to experience a typical Caribbean paradise, complete with sandy beaches, exotic surroundings and plenty of luxury facilities. Situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba is one of the largest islands with over 746 miles of irregular coastline that is home to hundreds of secluded coves and bays. Cuba is one of the few popular destinations that have escaped the affects of commercial, mass tourism. The traditional villages and towns still retain their colonial charm, ideal for those looking to enjoy sightseeing during their holiday in Cuba. Popular Cuban regions include the stunning cities of Havana and Trinidad, both extremely with tourists of all ages especially those enjoying their honeymoon. From the breathtaking beaches to the authentic towns, Cuba boasts some of the most interesting sightseeing spots in the Caribbean. The colonial architecture, grand plazas and fascinating artwork that adorns the street walls are all must-see’s for anyone enjoying a Cuba holiday. Accommodation is varied with something to suit all budgets, Cuba hotels typically range from 3-5* with several luxury spa resorts for those looking for something extra special. Package holidays to Cuba are especially popular with families, many of the hotels offer a range of board basis’s from self catered to all-inclusive. Those looking to stay away from the busy areas can take advantage of a secluded villa or holiday cottage situated on the outskirts of the island.

With so much to see and do it is no surprise that so many people choose this fantastic Caribbean island as their number one holiday’s destination. With a year round climate and plenty of idyllic beaches to relax on, it is a great time to take advantage of the many cheap Cuba holiday deals available.

Cuba - Sightseeing and Attractions

Holidays in Cuba are ideal for those wishing to experience a country like no other! The fantastic mix of culture and history is enough to keep visitors coming back to the island year after year. Along with the stunning architecture and facilities in the large cities such as Havana, the smaller towns also showcase many of the best features of a holiday to Cuba. Beach lovers will want to head to the stunning Playa del Este, a chain of spectacular beaches located just east of Havana. The beaches stretch for six miles and are all covered in golden sand, perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. The beaches boast a wide variety of water sports for those hoping to stay active during their break. From wind surfing to jet skiing there is something to test everyone’s adrenaline levels during a Cuba holiday. There are plenty of museums to discover as you stroll around your chosen Cuba holiday resort, the National Arts Museum is one of the best places to visit and showcases some of the most famous work by Cuban artists. The Museum of the Revolution is another great spot to explore during your break, the museum houses a great number of artefacts, photographs and documents from the Cuban revolution, a must see for all history lovers. As Cuba’s biggest export it is no surprise that the cigar factories are such a popular tourist spot, not only is it fascinating to watch the cigars being made it is also a valuable insight into one of Cuba’s most iconic industries. Cuba is one of the most fascinating geographical destinations and the famous Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas attracts thousands of visitors each year to discover this stunning natural attraction. The huge cave system spans over 29 miles with underground galleries at eight different levels for visitors to explore. Those looking to explore the traditional side of the island will definitely appreciate a trip to Sancti Spiritus during their holidays. Cuba is home to this breathtaking city which still remains completely detached from mass tourism. The architecture is simply stunning; with a maze of cobbled streets to discover as you stroll around. A trip to Old Havana is also recommended for those looking to learn more about the history of the island.

Shopping is a popular pastime during a holiday to Cuba with plenty of shops, stalls and bazaars to explore during your stay. Whether you are looking for some holiday souvenirs or are hoping to pick up some authentic Cuban craft products, there is something for everyone.

Cuba - Nightlife and Cuisine

Cuba holidays are ideal for those looking to sample one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines. Authentic Cuban cuisine is actually a fusion of African, Spanish and Caribbean flavours, reflecting the colourful history of this vibrant island. The result of this unique mix is a variety of delicious traditional dishes that can be found in the many restaurants around the island. Typically Cuban cuisine is fairly spicy with very distinct flavours. Those looking to sample cuisines from around the world will appreciate the wide range of international restaurants situated in Havana. Visitors can enjoy everything from British dishes to Italian cuisine. The nightlife is another reason why so many people choose to enjoy Cuba holidays. Havana is at the heart of the Cuban evening experience as the city really does come to life after the sun goes down. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs to enjoy along with Salsa spots for those looking to enjoy a night of traditional Cuban dancing. For those looking for something slightly different Havana boasts a range of cinemas and theatres along with an opera hours and a ballet. With so much on offer the choices are endless! Those staying on the outskirts of the main tourist areas can also pick from a variety of traditional tavernas and bars, ideal for those looking to enjoy a cocktail and take in the sunset. One of the things which set a Cuba holiday apart from other destinations is the fantastic carnivals and street parties that take place throughout the year. With colourful costumes, dancing and traditional music it is definitely something that is not to be missed.

Cuba - Weather and Climate

Holidays in Cuba can be taken at any point throughout the year due to the fantastic tropical year round climate. The island tends to stay hot and humid therefore it is advised to check that your Cuba hotel has air conditioning before you travel. The hottest season is between November and April where the temperatures typically stay within the high thirties, this is also the busiest time to visit the island. Those looking to avoid the holiday crowds are advised to book Cuba holidays between May and October, although there is a higher chance of rainfall during this period the temperatures do tend to stay high. One of the main factors to consider when booking a holiday to Cuba is that the island is affected by hurricanes especially in the peak summer months.

Where is Cuba?

Take a look at this map of Cuba before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cuba
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