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Dominican Republic Holidays

Take it Easy in the Caribbean this Year

Beach at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – Largest Country of Hispaniola

You will find the popular Caribbean nation known as the Dominican Republic right next to Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. Many people who have been flying out to the shores of the Caribbean have choose Dominican Republic holidays to soak up the magnificent weather that occurs here all year long. Holidays here tend to be popular with couples and young groups looking to enjoy the endless days of sun and coastal activities that are on offer.

There are many airports located around the coast of the country’s most popular destinations which makes Dominican Republic travel and transfer must easier and quicker. Flights leave from most of Europe’s top airports, including London Heathrow.

You have plenty of accommodation to select from when planning your stay in the Dominican Republic, ranging from reasonably priced apartments to luxury hotels. Accommodation ranges from 2 to 5 stars and most people who haven’t been before would be best of choosing from the well established hotels until they get to know the area better as the help and knowledge of staff is very useful. No matter where you stay you can expect to find great services and facilities awaiting you.

If you are staying around the coast you can enjoy ferries taking you along the various other places during you Dominican Republic holidays. In all areas there are taxis and regular buses, also known as ‘gua-guas’, for tourists to use. Hire cars are also popular, but again only for those who have a decent knowledge of the area.

Dominican Republic – Sightseeing & Activities

You may find yourself spending most, if not all, of the day relaxing on the beach and working on a fantastic summer tan. The beach welcomes people to relax but many people want something a little more lively and for them there is a variety of water sports to try out, including jet skiing and water skiing. From pretty much all Dominican Republic resorts you can enjoy clear skies, turquoise shores and white sandy beaches which cover the whole coast of the tropical paradise.

The Dominican Republic has breathtaking scenery in every direction and many tourists enjoy hire bikes and spending the odd day travelling around to explore its beauty. Out in the Caribbean Sea you can take mini cruises to see the majestic whales and impressive dolphins playing in their natural habitat. Baseball is the national sport and you will quickly find the locals take it very seriously, so it might be a fun experience to go see a game in the intoxicating atmosphere.

Places worth keeping an eye out for include Zona Colonia which is home to a variety of important and historic buildings such as the grand cathedral. The Museo del Hombre Dominicano is the place you need to go to if you are looking to learn about the country’s intriguing history. Lago Enriquillo offers tourists the chance to see some of the islands wildlife in much safer setting, always a popular place with tourists on Dominican Republic holidays.

Shopping can be interesting during you stay in the Dominican Republic as there are plenty of places selling designer goods in top coastal resorts. Souvenirs will be on offer in almost every one of the Dominican Republic resorts, amber is a popular item sold by most souvenirs shops and stalls.

Dominican Republic – Cuisine & Nightlife

You can prepare yourself for some fantastic meals whilst enjoying Dominican Republic holidays, whether in your hotel or somewhere in the resort. Typical Caribbean style meals will consist of lots of fruits and unique flavours that you’re unlikely to have tried before. Of course tourists are well catered for and there are popular international options available such as Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Nights in the Dominican Republic can be very lively and you are likely to be spoilt for choose when choosing your favourite place to start of nights. There are many bars offering tasty cocktail and popular music for people to enjoy. Dance long into the morning hours in one of the country’s top nightclubs where you can really enjoy the party atmosphere at its best.

Dominican Republic – Weather & Climate

The weather in the Dominican Republic is constantly warm and anytime that you visit you can expect to enjoy some terrific temperatures. August is known as the hottest month, but in truth the whole of summer is very hot with 40°C a typical temperature reading during the day. With around 12 hours of burning sun each day there is certainly time to work on a great tan, though it is this heat that deters many tourists who instead choose to travel in colder months. A word of warning is that hurricanes do occur and are do so between August and October.

Winter in the Dominican Republic is fantastic as the yearly average temperature in the country is 25°C. Between November and January are known as the wet months in the north and in the south it comes during May till November, but it’s largely in frequent and there is still a great deal of sunshine to be enjoyed in the humid climate. Spring welcomes many tourists as the temperatures are high, but not too high, and there’s not a cloud in the sky.

Where is Dominican Republic?

Take a look at this map of Dominican Republic before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Dominican Republic
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