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Argaka Holidays

Enjoy the Summer in Cyprus


Argaka – North Coast of Cyprus

You will find the quaint village of Argaka along the north coast of the Paphos district within Cyprus, a place which offers plenty of time for holidaymakers to relax and unwind in magnificent weather in beautiful surroundings. Argaka holidays are close to Paphos town which allows tourists to venture into a more populous with plenty to offer. The beach on the north coast is long and quiet with cleans sands and shallow waters which are safe for children and ideal for playing in.

Argaka holidays begin in Paphos International Airport which is located some way away and you should expect at least an hour long journey to reach you accommodation. This journey may appear daunting but is almost like an instant excursion which allows you to admire the breathtaking scenery that blesses the landscape.

The accommodation on Argaka holidays is certainly aimed towards couples and families looking to enjoy a little isolation and time together in a relaxing environment, which is why are mainly holiday villas and complexes on offer. The complexes offer the services and facilities which you would expect to find from hotels, which are bettered suited towards families on holiday in Argaka. This isolation allows you to enjoy your time in Cyprus at your own pace.

When it comes to transport you will find a bus service which does travel through the old village, though it isn’t regular. Hire cars are popular with tourists as it allows people to travel as and when they choose on Argaka holidays.

Argaka – Sightseeing & Activities

The beach is where you can expect to enjoy that soothing exotic relaxing feeling that you were looking for from Argaka holidays and the feeling is intensified by the delightful walks down through tourists trails through stunning scenery. You’ll find it hard to find a sun lounger so you will need beach towels at the ready. If you want sun loungers and water sports to enhance your trip to the beach then head west along the coast until you reach Polis, there you will find plenty going on.

The quaint village of Argaka has many old desolate building which certainly at to the places charm, but these are as close to ruins and Cypriot heritage you will find. The village is better enjoyed exploring through these areas via the tourists trails that can be found creating your own adventures on Argaka holidays. Head off the beaten track enjoy the exotic flora and fauna then witness the reptiles that scurry around the landscape. If a more bustling environment then it is recommended to venture into Polis or further away Paphos town, there you will find much more modern tourist orientated activities to enjoy.

Shopping is another popular activity for everyone on holiday and as you may have anticipated Argaka holidays don’t have much on offer at all. The villa complexes will have mini markets providing essentials for guests to purchase, but travelling to other areas along the coast will have more options. In Paphos you will be able to purchase various items including designer clothes perfumes, jewellery, electrical goods and great handmade souvenirs.

Argaka – Cuisine & Nightlife

For food during the day and meals on an evening you will find that there are a couple of charming restaurants serving mainly Cypriot cuisine which is a tasty fusion between Greek and Turkish food. Most people will like the Cypriot cuisine but you will find that there are meals that are tailored for tourist including popular Italian dishes and the likes. Food available to purchase in mini markets will include internationally known brands for those cooking in their accommodation on Argaka holidays.

The nightlife consist mainly of the stars above on Argaka holidays, minimal entertainment will come from the holiday home complexes which will mainly offer a late bar. The ethos of the resort is mainly geared around peace and relaxation and this is exactly why people are so attracted to it. If late nights and lively sights is something which you want to enjoy then you will find a few bars and nightclubs in nearby Polis over summer.

Argaka – Weather & Climate

The weather on Argaka holidays is as good as Cyprus offers and of course summer is the best time to experience it. The beaches on the north coast are perfect for enjoying the endless summer sun which enjoys average temperatures during the day around 30°C throughout. The hottest summer months of July and August will bring this heat along with cloudless skies for 12 hours each day. Great sun and no interruptions are the general offerings of summer in Argaka.

Over the winter period you will find that temperatures will have dropped significantly, but the days will still offer up a few hours of sunshine along with temperatures that will rarely drop below 10°C which is better than what you will experience back home. Though you may not consider a holiday over winter the early spring months enjoy some good weather with temperatures around 20°C which makes Argaka a great place to enjoy an early Easter getaway.

Where is Argaka?

Take a look at this map of Argaka before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Argaka
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