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Latchi Holidays

Summer on the Coast of Cyprus

Palm trees lining the beach in Latchi, Cyprus

Latchi – North Coast of Cyprus

Latchi holidays are tailor-made for those looking to enjoy a relaxing summer break with great Mediterranean weather. The north coast of Cyprus is a very beautiful place to be and it is no surprise that couples and families enjoy spending summer here relaxing. The golden sands and shallow waters of Latchi beach provide a safe place for children to play and for everybody else to take it easy.

Based in the western part of the country, you can expect your flight to touch down at Paphos International Airport before heading off on a transfer that will take at least 1 hour. Long transfers are best spent admiring the exotic landscape and trying to get a better understanding of your new surroundings. You will have various options when it comes to accommodation, much of which is ideal for families as they offer plenty of top facilities and amenities. Latchi hotels are rated within the region of 3 to 4 stars. This gives you an indication of the top standards and reasonable prices you can expect. Apartments are also available for those looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Latchi on a budget.

The public transport in Latchi isn’t particularly frequent, but you will be able to catch a bus along the coast at certain points during the day. Taxis are more frequent and are the best form of transport aside from hiring a car.

Latchi – Sightseeing & Activity

Latchi beach offers tourists a very picturesque environment to begin relaxing on their summer holidays. The clean sands and sea are perfect for everyone to play all day long in the fantastic heat. If taking it easy and soaking up endless hours of sun isn’t enough for you, then you may enjoy one of the many water sport activities available. The types of water sports you can expect to enjoy include jet and water skiing, surfing and windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving, parasailing and there are plenty of boat trip along the coast available too.

The scenery surrounding Latchi is one of the key reasons why people return to the holiday resort. The nature lends itself to the calming and relaxing atmosphere that engulfs you from the very moment you arrive. Tourists enjoy talking walks and bike rides out into the countryside to enjoy exploration and adventure on Latchi holidays.

Much of Cyprus’ intriguing history is located around the coast due to various invasions it has suffered. If you choose to travel along the coast you will find many ruins and landmarks which catalogue fascinating events. Paphos is perhaps the closet place to Latchi which offers a lot of significant history connected to ancient Greek Mythology and the Roman Empire.

Shopping in the resort is limited to the essentials mainly, though you will find the odd souvenir shop selling clothes and other items which are worth browsing. A trip to Paphos will open up your options significantly when it comes to a shopping excursion.

Latchi – Cuisine & Nightlife

One thing you will certainly enjoy during your time in Latchi is the sublime cuisine served in all of the resorts restaurants. There is plenty of choice when you are looking to enjoy a fine evening meal here in Latchi which includes a variety of international cuisines. In many places you will find the menus has many traditional Cypriot dishes which could be referred to as a fusion between Greek and Turkish cuisine, yet unique in their own right. You will also find popular international cuisine in other restaurants specialising in Italian and Chinese meals. Seafood is also a popular option, especially with the locals, most of the dishes you order will be fresh that day.

Though the general ethos in Latchi is one of relaxation you will still be able to enjoy a late night in the resort. Don’t expect the night life to imitate that of Ibiza or Ayia Napa, but you will have a few bars and pubs to choose from to enjoy a drink at the end of a hot summer’s day. Over summer you can also find a couple of discos to enjoy a long and lively night in Latchi. Hotels will also offer family evening entertainment on various nights.

Latchi – Weather & Climate

Cyprus enjoys some fantastic weather with incredible temperatures over summer and you can experience the best of it with Latchi holidays. The best months of summer to consider a visit to the coastal resort are July and August where the days offer 13 hours of sunshine and temperatures going as high as 40°C. This magnificent heat carries on into the night which means it can be somewhat essential that you secure air-conditioning in your hotel room.

Winter can still be very warm and during the coldest months of January and February the daytime has temperatures around 15°C which is ideal for escaping the cold weather back home. Rain will come more during winter, but it rarely ever lasts long enough to spoil the day making Latchi great for a late getaway.

Where is Latchi?

Take a look at this map of Latchi before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Latchi
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