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Polis Holidays

Enjoy the Coast of Cyprus this Year

Boats moored in harbour near Polis city, Cyprus

Polis – North West Coast of Cyprus

Enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere available on a Polis holiday, the resort is the ideal getaway from everyday life providing the best setting to recharge those batteries. Families and mature couples tend to favour this resort because of the Polis weather and the resorts resources which provides everything you could need to a relaxing holiday. The long beach has plenty of room for people to enjoy the views of Polis and the shores are shallow and very safe for children.

Landing at Paphos International Airport you might be stuck with a 1 or 2 hour transfer to Polis, ordinarily you would find this off putting but the scenic qualities of the Cypriot countryside help the journey go by a lot quicker.

The accommodation around the resort is top class and everybody should be able to find the perfect place to enjoy a Polis holiday from. There are plenty of hotels in the 3 to 4 star range which offer great facilities and services which are ideal for families and couples enabling you enjoy a comfortable and friendly stay. There are some apartments available too if you are looking to enjoy a self catering and low budget Polis holiday.

The public transport is fairly regular through Polis, which includes a service to Paphos coming on the hour. Taxis are also an option if you are travelling to nearby resorts, as are hire cares which are ideal for families.

Polis – Sightseeing & Activities

There is a short half mile stroll to the coast and the beaches of Cyprus which is made all the better thanks to the fantastic Polis weather. Once you reach the beach you will find a whole host of activities to do. You have the option to pull up a sun lounger and relax under the endless hours of summer sun or you can enjoy one of the exciting water sports on your Polis holiday, which include jet skiing and water skiing. Scuba diving gives families to dive deep to explore and Mediterranean Sea to see a variety of colourful marine life.

Nature trails are a great option if you enjoy a bit of adventure with your exploration during a Polis holiday. Discover the intriguing and exotic landscape of Cyprus and its wildlife the likes that you would have only seen on TV. The Troodos Mountains can be seen in the distance and there are excursions which allow tourists to venture to its high peaks. The history of the island country is on show around its coast and there is much to admire. Close by you will find a 16th century church, the baths of Aphrodite and various museums. Over in Paphos you can enjoy a history tour.

The shopping in Polis is pretty standard, there are some shops selling clothes and souvenirs whereas other have food goods and essentials on offer. A trip in to Paphos town opens up shopping variety and you will be able to browse through jewellery, perfumes and electrical goods.

Polis – Cuisine & Nightlife

You enjoy plenty of traditional Cypriot cuisine whilst on a Polis holiday as the culinary delights of the resort which help make your experience that much better. Seafood is also prominent on many restaurants menus, as you can expect there is a large supply. For those who don’t like being too experimental with food then there are Italian and Chinese restaurants to choose from also. Those who self catering during their holidays will be able to pick up food goods and ingredients from one of the many mini markets found throughout the resort.

The nights tend to be calm and uneventful on a whole though there are options for those who are looking to enjoy a lively end to hot summer days. Choose from the few bars located around and then head off to the disco which is open over summer that allows holidaymakers to dance long into the night. Hotels provide some family entertainment on an evening also.

Polis – Weather & Climate

The weather in Cyprus is very good all year long as you can imagine and the coast tends to experience the best of it. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a Polis holiday because the weather is by far at its best. The hottest months to come to Polis are July and August when the days are known to experience temperatures as high as 40°C. Put the great temperatures with the 12 hours of sunshine a day, then you have plenty of time to work on a great summer tan thanks to the Polis weather.

Winter experience lower temperatures, of course, though things should still remain fairly mild. The days should still enjoy 10°C temperatures and 4 hours of sunshine which is much more than you could ask for back in the UK. The best of the Polis weather returns once the early months of spring come around before summer is once again upon us.

Where is Polis?

Take a look at this map of Polis before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Polis
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