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Czech Republic Holidays

Enjoy a Unique Holiday in Central Europe

Buildings in Prague city centre, Czech Republic

Czech Republic – Landlocked Country in Central Europe

While the Czech Republic isn’t a particularly large country it’s has a lot to offer tourists. The towns and cities are filled with medieval buildings and castles which gives the whole country and intriguing gothic feel. There are plenty of natural sites to discover whilst on Czech Republic holidays too, offering a great variety and appeal to tourists who enjoy experiencing the hidden gems of Europe. You’re holidays in Czech Republic will be full of exploration and discovery and by simply walking the streets can unearth a great experience.

Most flights making the Czech Republic travel will be mainly heading to the countries 3 major cities which are Prague, Brno and Ostrava. All the city’s main airports have flights coming from the UK, mainly London based airports, and their location is right outside the city so which ever you go to you can expect a swift transfer on your Czech Republic holidays.

You will find that the accommodation in all the popular destinations for Czech Republic holidays is of a good standard. Hotels will range from 1 to 5 stars in various cities offering great services and facilities. Holidays in Czech Republic are popular with backpackers and as a result there are plenty of hostels to choose from which provide very low cost rooms. If you are heading to one of the countries cities then it is recommended to stay in a fine Czech Republic hotel enabling you to fully relax.

Transportation is readily available via the great public transport system. There are buses, metro trains and taxis available throughout the bigger cities which you should certainly take advantage of to make sure you see all that is on offer during holiday in Czech Republic.

Czech Republic – Fun & Activities

There is much natural beauty waiting to be explored on Czech Republic holidays, hiking is a popular option with tourists who want to experience places like the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks near Teplice. There you will be able to cross the strange landscape which includes canyons and forests along the way. The country has beautiful scenery in every area, many who come to the Czech Republic travel the wilderness enjoying the natural beauty outside of the towns and cities. In the northern city of Karlovy Vary there is a very impressive spa which uses the natural surroundings to its advantage creating a serene and truly relaxing establishment.

Aside from the great countryside that the Czech Republic has you can also visit the many landmark buildings that have very unique architecture. In Prague you can experience the gothic and baroque charm of the city where most buildings have a very intriguing design which has made it very popular. Prague is the most sought after destination when people are looking for Czech Republic holidays, the city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is home to the world’s biggest castle, Prague Castle. Visit the Sedlec Ossuary which was built from the ancient bones of over 40,000 people, a place which is sure to give you chills. Many of the other popular cities and towns share this gothic architecture and charm and are all attractive destinations in their own right.

During the winter holidaymakers coming to the Czech Republic ski, there are plenty of great resorts such as Beskydy and Sumava which are perfect for families. There are plenty of resorts which cater for experienced skiers also like those based around the Orlicky Mountains.

You will be able to enjoy some great shopping during holidays in Czech Republic where there are places to buy clothes, jewellery and electrical goods, but more luring are the many fantastic handcrafted souvenirs and antiques available in various places.

Czech Republic – Food & Nightlife

When visiting another country you should always give the native food a chance and you may find on holidays in Czech Republic that you will enjoy what is on offer. The typical traditional meals in the Czech Republic are similar to other countries in Central Europe like Austria and Germany, dishes are filled with meat. Of course you will be able to find restaurants serving popular Italian and Chinese cuisine making sure all tastes are catered for.

The nightlife in the Czech Republic is very good and places like Prague have a good reputation for fun nights out with many stag does choosing the city. Experience the fine beers and ales that are produced in the country in the many pubs dotted around the towns and cities. There are plenty of bars to drink in and clubs are very popular in this area of the world so they won’t be in short supply. You will find all sorts of clubs playing all sorts of music, once more catering for all tastes.

Czech Republic – Weather Info

The only bad point of Czech Republic holidays is the weather, which isn’t too dissimilar to weather back in the UK. Summers can be warm with areas experiencing temperatures as high as 23°C. July is the warmest month of the year and perhaps the time you should book to visit if weather is a big issue for you. However, skiers will of course wait till winter time comes around.

Over winter temperatures will be low and with January seen as the coldest month you can experience lows of -5°C. Spring and summer experience the most rainfall. This will probably be sounding all too familiar to many of you but the unique culture and lifestyle that can be experience outweighs the weather, which is why so many people frequently enjoy holidays in Czech Republic.

Where is Czech Republic?

Take a look at this map of Czech Republic before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Czech Republic
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