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Giza valley with Great pyramids with blue cloudy sky

Egypt - What We Know

"Touring around Egypt you will see fantastic sights that are truly a once in a lifetime experience.."

"Hey Ho, Let's Go" sang the Ramones in 1976, and who would've thought that they were singing about going on holiday to Egypt? Well they were (may be factually incorrect), and for a very good reason as it is one of the most popular travel destinations for families, couples and yep you've guessed it, single people too, not to mention rockers both in their prime and well past it. When you're touring around Egypt, you will be able to see some of the fantastic sights that are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience (if you only visit Egypt once in your life). Of course these experiences include all the usual suspects such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx and Archaeological digs.

In this guide, we'll be looking outside these areas and getting out of the mindset of some people who stay all inclusive and miss out on what's on offer in the Egyptian hinterland!

It has been said that Egypt is the very cradle of human civilization and that is truly a hefty accolade to be awarded. So, well done Egypt.

Egypt – Activities & Attractions (not the Usual Suspects)

A friendly-looking camel in Egypt
"Holidays in Egypt don't need to just be about pyramids, sphinx and the sea - there's so much more!.."

It's just not possible to condense a list of things to do in Egypt into one tiny area. Egypt is literally the most attraction-heavy country in the world, so let's have a look what can be done. As mentioned we're going to avoid the obvious attractions such as the Pyramids and Sphinx that have seen Egypt become a huge tourist destination over time, and let you in on some of the hidden gems and secrets Egypt has to offer, that you may not have known about.

Firstly, did you know you can go to Egypt and become a "Kite Junkie"? When in Sharm el Sheikh you can go and take beginner lessons in becoming a kite surfing champion. Basically, it involves surfing with a small board and kite and using the wind to get some serious air! Doesn't that sound exciting?

Or maybe you would prefer to go quad biking through the Egyptian desert? Going on a safari into the desert on quad bikes is one hell of an experience that you are sure to remember for a very long time. Imagine riding over the red sand as the sun sinks behind the dunes. Sounds wild!

Have you ever heard of Terrazzina Beach? This place quickly becomes people's favourite spot in Sharm El Sheikh, described as a "haven for the chilled-out tourist" it has big red mattresses laid out on the beach for you to slink into and enjoy your time in Egypt. Maybe after a hard day's quad biking or kite boarding you can come here, sip on a G'n'T and get ready for the night-time ahead!

You see your holidays in Egypt don't need to just be about pyramids, sphinx and the sea, there is so much more!

Places to Eat, Nightlife & Shopping

Green Sea Turtle swimming over Coral Reef, Red Sea, Egypt
"The favourite local brew is called Stella, not too dissimilar to the Stella Artois that has become so synonymous at every pub in the UK. So you won't ever really feel too far from home.."

Let's take a whirlwind tour of the food, nightlife and shopping that you can experience on an Egyptian adventure.

First off let's start with the local Egyptian cuisine. There are some serious flavours going on here with the ever popular Mezze's - a variety of small dishes to sample and indulge in. Garlic, chillis, oil, lemon, seeds and aubergine just to name a few, are the regular ingredients you will find in traditional Egyptian cuisine. After eating, it is common to chill out in one of the "ahwas" (ahwa meaning "coffeehouse" in Arabic). These places are super buzzy, with the locals often challenging each other to a ferocious game of dominoes or backgammon whilst sipping on the high-grade imported Turkish coffee. And of course a trip to Egypt wouldn't be complete without the plume of shisha smoke that bellows out of the ahwas - maybe that's what first attracted The Ramones to holiday in Egypt?

It may be a surprise to discover that Egyptian locals are quite fond of alcoholic beverages - in particular beer. In fact, the favourite local brew is called Stella, not too dissimilar to the Stella Artois that has become so synonymous at every pub in the UK. So you won't ever really feel too far from home. Stroll into your local Egyptian Bar, order a Stella and grab an authentic kebab on the way home, too. You can go and see where it all began; maybe it truly is the cradle of civilization after all? We're not entirely sure which of the two Stella's would be included on an 'All Inclusive' holiday in Egypt, but given the fact that local Egyptian alcohol is far cheaper than imported booze, you might find yourself sampling some of the local stuff!

If those flavours are not quite to your liking or a little too exciting for your palate then you can rest easy knowing that faster food such as pizza, fried chicken, beer-battered fish and sausages are also readily available from a range of places throughout Egypt. So you'll be able to stop and satisfy your need for food, whatever you fancy.

Weather in Egypt

Egypt's mystery Luxor, Karnak
"Don't worry about the heat and humidity in Egypt - it's calmed by a cool sea breeze in the coastal cities.."

Be prepared for some hot weather when you're visiting Egypt during summers, as temperatures can rise up to 43°C, but normally the temperatures stays around 30°C. The winters have very pleasant temperatures, with an average of 14°C, however the climate of the region can cause the mercury to rise as high as 23°C during the winter season as well.

Summer peak period is from May to August every year, with sunshine of 12 hours each day, while the winters can still bring you 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sunshine comfortably as well. Rainfall is rare in Egypt, so regardless of the time of the year, you can be sure to enjoy the sun all day long. But don't worry about the severity of the heat and the humidity while on holiday in Egypt, as it is calmed by a cool sea breeze in the coastal cities.

Where is Egypt?

Take a look at this map of Egypt before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Egypt

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