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Alexandria Holidays

Cheap Holidays to Alexandria

Visiting the Royal Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria – North Coast of Africa

Enjoy a fantastic holiday in Alexandria and find yourself in a city which is blessed with both modern and old attractions which have made it such a tourist attraction. Couples are the biggest visitor to the Egyptian city because of the many historical sites that it has as well as modern sports facilities. Based along Egypt’s north coast you will be able to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean on your Alexandria holiday enjoying the fantastic weather.

Your holiday will begin when you land in El Nouzha Airport and your transfer from there shouldn’t be much more than 30 minutes due to its conveniently close location to the city itself.

Alexandria tourism has been very strong over the years and as such there are plenty of great places to choose from when picking your accommodation. You will find a mixture of low cost accommodation such as apartments which helps people who are looking to invest more of the money around the city. You will also find that Alexandria hotels can be very luxurious with many 5 star complexes to stay in including names such as Hilton, Sheraton and Four Seasons.

As Egypt’s second largest city you can expect to find a great public transport system on your Alexandria hotel ranging from trains, buses and taxis. There would be little point in hiring a car yourself unless you had an exceptional understanding of the area.

Alexandria – Fun & Activities

Surprising to many the beach isn’t the most popular place to spend your Alexandria holiday because there is so much to see and do around the city. That said many people do enjoy long days on the golden sands soaking up the hot weather and cooling down in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the beaches have water sports on offer for tourists to enjoy sunny days with too. The best place to enjoy all typical beach activities is a Montazah Royal Gardens.

The history in Alexandria old town is typical of Egypt, vast and intriguing. Citadel of Qait Bey is a huge fortress on the coast looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea and it was built in 1480 to alert people of the city of any attacks coming their way. The Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel is located within the city and is a very popular attraction when it comes to Alexandria tourism. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre which was built during the 2nd century AD and has 13 tiers made from white and grey marble seating up 800 people. The Royal Jewellery museum is filled with priceless gems and diamonds, the Alexandria National Museum is a great place where you can really discover all about the city and its origins.

Despite having a very long and significant historical background you can enjoy a film in the various cinemas around town or the sports facilities and clubs where you can play a game of golf, tennis and football. The shopping is another activity you can enjoy as there are many malls to choose from including San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall, Mirage Mall and the Green Plaza.

Alexandria – Food & Nightlife

There is plenty to eat on you Alexandria holiday, choose from budget and high end restaurants that will provide you with plenty of fantastic meals ranging from national delicacies to more popular international meals. Seafood restaurants are very common in Alexandria and are considered the best place for it in the whole country. Fast Food options are available with Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds restaurants found in the city. Alexandria hotels are another place where you can expect to enjoy a fine meal on an evening, with many having their own restaurants.

Ask around when you are looking to find the ideal place to enjoy a drink or two as local knowledge will be the best advice to find out where most people are going currently. Good places to choose from include the likes of the Mermaid Bar which has an excellent sea view or enjoy a fruity cocktail or two in El Qobesi. Alexandria hotels have their own bars and clubs which they encourage their residents to take advantage of on an evening, many people tend to use the facilities because they are amongst the best in the city.

Alexandria – Weather Info

Summers really are hot which is exactly what you will want from an Alexandria holiday, the summer months consistently average at 30°C from June till October. The hottest months of the year are July and August when things can get very high at times which make the Mediterranean Sea the perfect place to cool off in. You can expect at least 12 hours of cloudless blue skies every day during summer making it the ideal holiday destination.

Outside of summer things of course won’t be as hot but they will remain very warm. The coldest months are over winter, and from December to February is when the most rainfall will come. During this time it isn’t uncommon to experience hail stone either. During winter the temperatures will hover around 10°C which still makes Alexandria warmer than most places at that time of the year. The weather picks up again as early as spring and the temperatures will make a significant rise.

Where is Alexandria?

Take a look at this map of Alexandria before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Alexandria
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