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Aswan Holidays

Take an Adventure to Aswan

Egypt - The Nile at Aswan

Aswan – South Along the River Nile

Aswan holidays are much more relaxed than visits to the likes of bustling Cairo or Luxor, but still offer the many sites of historical importance along with the fun and charming culture and way of life. You will find plenty of activities on the River Nile and attractions throughout the city during your stay. A word of warning when nearby or in sailing on the River Nile is to never drink, or better still, never put your hands into the waters as it is known not to be very clean and can transmit disease.

You can expect a swift transfer from Aswan International Airport, taking only around 20 minutes to reach your accommodation after you’ve collected your luggage.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from when you are looking at where to stay in Aswan. Hotels are the main source and you can find them rated between 2 and 4 stars.

You will be able to get around very easily whilst in Aswan as there are taxis and horse-drawn carriages to get you around the city. If you intend to do some extensive travelling, there's a train and boat ride that can take you up to Luxor and Cairo.

Aswan – Sightseeing & Activities

The River Nile is a popular place where you can find various activities and opportunities to enjoy Aswan, much is the same with other destinations along the river. Boat rides are up to various other cities are popular as you are given the chance to extend your exploration of the ancient land of Egypt. Evening meals and drinks are offered on a delightful cruise which is popular with couples visiting the city.

The historical attractions are also key to enjoying your holiday in Aswan and you can experience the Nubian museum which is home to many artefacts found in the area. The Philae Temple, Kalabsha Temple and the Abu Simbel are all ancient temples which are classic examples of Egyptian history. Various monasteries and museums fill the city and are ideal for keen sightseers, also don’t forget the Tombs of the Nobles.

If you are looking to enjoy the natural beauty of Aswan then you should certainly take to time to drop in at the Aswan Botanical Gardens, which is located on Kitcheners Island. It’s also worth taking the time to visit Seheyl and Elephantine Island for the shopping, museum and villages, which broaden your experience of Aswan. All of the islands are close together just off the coast of Aswan in the River Nile.

Camel rides are a must for first time travellers to Egypt. Shopping is another popular activity for tourists, many people looking to take home a piece of this ancient culture. Haggle your way to a great deal when you are in local shops or buying from market stalls.

Aswan – Cuisine & Nightlife

Aswan hotels are the best place to enjoy most of the cities evening entertainment and activities. The hotels available in Aswan will pride themselves on the standard of food they offer at their in house restaurants. Wherever you are staying you can expect to enjoy a varied choice of cuisine on the menu which should appeal to most tastes. Close to the river front you will also find some small restaurants offer a great atmosphere for you to enjoy a fine evening meal.

The hotels again offer residents a late bar which most people take advantage of enjoying a late night drinking. There are also a few bars around the town but drinking is strictly kept indoors so drinking in your hotel makes things a little easier, which is why hotels tend to have very good evening facilities for guests to enjoy.

Aswan – Weather & Climate

Egypt in general has fantastic weather all year long so this means that travelling anytime of the year is ideal. During summer, Aswan will experience really high temperatures of around 40°C during the day, with July and August noted as the warmest months in the calendar. While there is no beach to relax on, the tremendous facilities at Aswan hotels will of course provide a large pool for its guests with more than enough sun loungers to go around.

Winter can be a more popular time to visit as the temperatures during summer can be a little too much for some people. Winter temperatures average around 20°C which is ideal if you are looking to escape winters back home. Over the course of the year there is little rainfall in general which means you can leave your jackets at home, though the nights can get quite cold. If you are looking to enjoy a holiday in Aswan then you will be able to choose from anytime of the year because of the continuous great weather.

Where is Aswan?

Take a look at this map of Aswan before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Aswan
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