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Cairo Holidays

Historic Holidays in Egypt

The Sphinx and Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur in Cairo - Giza (Egypt)

Cairo – Capital City of Egypt

With so many museums packed with artefacts and various ancient monuments to discover and explore, you certainly won’t feel shorthanded with a Cairo holiday. Couples and families come to the city of Cairo all year long to visit some of the world’s most famous and ancient sites. Egypt has such a vast an intriguing history and much of it is located within its capital city which is why so many people enjoy Cairo travel.

Your flight will land at Cairo International Airport which is located very closer to the city centre. You transfer to accommodation shouldn’t take much longer than half an hour.

There is plenty of fine accommodation to choose from to make your holiday in Cairo perfect. You can select from various Cairo hotels which generally range between 2 to 4 stars offering reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation, while there are some 5 star luxury hotels to choose from also. All accommodation has fine services and facilities that holidaymakers have come to expect.

There is a great public transport service which makes Cairo travel very easy. Hop on buses, trains or even the underground metro to get around the city. Taxis are also available but it wise to agree a fare before you set off.

Cairo – Sightseeing & Activities

You can expect to be doing a huge amount of sightseeing whilst on a Cairo holiday, the likes which have never experienced before. With your cameras at the ready head out to the fantastic site of the Giza Pyramids which is Egypt’s most famous attraction. A mere matter of metres away from the Giza Pyramids lays the magnificent structure of the Sphinx, both of which are the only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Trips to the Coptic Museum and Egyptian Museum will enlighten travellers to the fascinating past of ancient Egypt covering the reigns of various Pharaohs and the many artefacts discovered in Cairo. See the many mummified bodies and relics found in the tombs of figures such as the famous Tutankhamen. Simple walks through the streets of Cairo can land you back in ancient times as some of areas still maintain that old charm. Head over to the Pharanonic village to encounter such an environment which is truly memorable experience on a Cairo holiday.

The magnificent River Nile also provides much entertainment as tourists are encouraged to hop aboard one of the peaceful mini cruises of felucca rides which help tourists discover various areas of Cairo. If you are looking to keep the kids entertained on a holiday in Cairo you can head out to Dream Park or Magic Land, popular amusement parks.

When it comes to shopping in Egypt you will find many stall and markets in the cities which still practice the ancient method of haggling which is certainly an experience. If you are looking for good clothes and jewellery to purchase you are best of heading the Citystars mall which sell international brand goods.

Cairo – Cuisine & Nightlife

The cuisine available on Cairo holidays certainly adds extra appeal to tourists as most will have rarely come across such dishes. Along with much Egyptian cuisine on offer throughout the town you will also find many French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese and Moroccan restaurants. You will have a generally varied menu within Cairo hotels in an attempt to appease all tastes. Evening meals on River Nile cruises are a very popular and fun experience too.

The evenings are very lively during a Cairo holiday and you can expect there to ne plenty of life entertainment in the form of traditional Egyptian dancers and shows. Many places will have live bands playing in the various bars found around the city as well as the late discos. Most of the bars and discos will be found on Cairo hotels premises. There is also a casino in Cairo for those who enjoy a few games of roulette.

Cairo - Weather & Climate

The weather in Egypt as a whole is fairly constant offering a very warm climate all year long. Over summer you can expect the sunny days to reach high temperatures like 43°C though as night falls things can fall all the way down to 7°C. This great weather is an added bonus when you consider much of your holiday is based around sightseeing.

Winter is one of more popular times to take a Cairo holiday because the temperatures are that much milder and easier to bare. The daily temperature averages around 14°C so the day can still be fairly warm. December is the coldest month and over winter most of the rain comes, but there is generally very little and it clears up quick enough.

Where is Cairo?

Take a look at this map of Cairo before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Cairo
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