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Luxor Holidays

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Balloons above Luxor, Egypt at dawn

Luxor – South Along the River Nile

If you are interested in sightseeing and exploration on holiday, then Luxor is certainly the place for you. Along with Cairo, Luxor is a city home to many of the country’s most important historic sites and landmarks that has caught the imagination of many tourists. Couples and those who are just genuinely interested in discovery flock to the city over the winter period as the weather remains very warm.

Luxor International Airport is right outside the city and its close location means that you can expect the swift and short transfer time of 20 minutes.

There is much accommodation to choose from for your holiday to Luxor, ranging from luxury hotels to more reasonably price apartments as well as some hostels too. The majority of the hotels in Luxor will range between 3 to 4 stars, though there are also a few 5 star hotels to choose from. Much of the frequently visited accommodation is found just outside of the city centre.

You will notice on holiday in Luxor that the public transport available is very good, ranging from buses to ferries that can take you all around the cities. Taxis are also available in Luxor, but note that you should agree a fee before every journey.

Luxor – Fun & Activities

Sightseeing is the key to a memorable holiday in Luxor and there’s plenty to be done too. Based right in the city are the Luxor temple and the Karknak temple, both of which are astonishing constructions. Head over to the Luxor Museum and you can get in-depth knowledge to the origins of Luxor’s most famous attractions.

Perhaps the biggest lure to the tourists looking to be submerged in the folklore of ancient Egypt is the Valley of the Kings where the tomb of one Tutankhamun, arguably Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh, can be found.

While history plays a major role in attracting tourism in Luxor, it isn’t the only reason people go - there are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed.

Nile Boat Trips
Boat trips are very popular with tourists as you can sail peacefully along the Nile during the day or head out to the Red Sea on an excursion; cruises up to Cairo and Aswan are equally popular.

Try a hole or two of golf during you holiday in Luxor at the 18-hole Royal Valley Golf Club. Camel Safaris out to the desert and over the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens are another way to be entertained on holiday here.

There are plenty of souvenir shops and markets stalls in Luxor that are great for picking up mementoes of your holiday. While the shopping isn't particularly fantastic, you will get the chance to enjoy the cultural staple of bargaining for items, which can see you getting purchases for a good price.

Luxor – Food & Nightlife

The influx of tourism in Luxor demands that the city caters for the variety of nationalities that visit, so you will be able to choose from Italian and Chinese restaurants on an evening. There are plenty of opportunities to tenjoy some traditional Egyptian cuisine on holiday in Luxor too, plus you'll find that most hotels offer brilliant meals also.

After a busy day of sightseeing and general exploration you can wind down on an evening in the relaxing atmosphere the city has. There is the odd bar to enjoy a drink or two, but perhaps the best option is the disco boat which offers a themed meal followed by a light and sound show along with drinks.

Luxor – Weather

The weather in Luxor is consistently good, and the dry climate of Egypt means that you can experience great weather whenever you visit. During summer, the temperatures are extremely high and at times you can expect things to get as hot as 40°C during the day, however, at night it can be a different story as the temperature can drop to as low as 7°C. There is little rainfall at anytime but when it does occur it’s normally brief and clears up quick enough.

Winter is the most popular time to visit Luxor as the temperatures are more mid range averaging around 20°C. Nights will be colder, but during the day those who struggle with very high temperatures may find that winter is the ideal time to visit, because you can still enjoy a warm climate.

Where is Luxor?

Take a look at this map of Luxor before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Luxor
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