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Palm trees line the beach in Taba, Egypt

Taba – On the Coast of the Gulf of Aqaba

Taba Heights is tailor made for families and couples who are looking to enjoy a relaxing and fully catered holiday this year. The resort is purpose built for tourism and so you expect to find everything you could need and more in this luxurious destination. Taba holidays has plenty of coast to choose from to lay back and soak up the endless hours of sun, plus the beaches are very clean and safe for children to play on.

Taba International Airport is in a great location so you can expect a straight forwards transfer to Taba Heights which should take no longer than an hour.

The accommodation is superb here where only 4 and 5 star is available this shows you the type of rooms you can expect to enjoy. Various internationally known hotel chains have accommodation so you stay will be one blessed with plenty of luxury in terms of facilities, amenities and services offered. You can choose from half board and all inclusive options during your stay and as you can imagine the food provided is of a very high standard which furthers your enjoyment on Taba holidays.

There is no public transport available in Taba Heights but there are taxis readily available. For further travel you will need to venture out on excursions which are set up by the hotels in the resort.

Taba – Sightseeing & Activities

Down by the beach is where you can enjoy all the natural beauty that Taba holidays has. Relaxing on a sun lounger gives you great views out onto the Gulf of Aqaba where clears days allow you to see the shores of Jordon and Saudi Arabia. You can spend days relaxing in the great weather or you can enjoy one of the many lively water sports on offer around the beach, including scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and water skiing.

There is plenty to do back in the resort including tennis courts for those who fancy a bit of exercise and golf courses who want a more tranquil and relaxing activity. Quad biking out into the mountainous landscape is a great way to enjoy some exploration and adventure on Taba holidays.

Excursions are very popular among tourists because there are plenty of places of attraction throughout Egypt which people want to experience. Trips to Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh are nearby only a few miles along the coast. Further afield you will be able to visit Cairo to visit the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. Trips to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, are also available during Taba holidays.

The shops around the resort and in the hotels provide essentials and souvenirs for tourists to pick up a few things. More extensive shopping can be done on excursions to other places.

Taba – Cuisine & Nightlife

The hotels in the resort are the main provider of cuisine to tourists and normally that would suggest a low standard of food available, but the 4 & 5 star rating assure that you will enjoy one of the finest meals you have had on holiday. Menus will cover typical favourite cuisines including British, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese. There will also be plenty of traditional Egyptian cuisine on offer which is a must try during Taba holidays.

Evening entertainment is fairly low key but there is still plenty going on to enjoy a pleasant end to fun days in Taba Heights. The hotels have various acts and live entertainment on offer on an evening for guests to enjoy which ranged from dancing and live music. Bars and casinos are also an option in some hotels where guests can enjoy a late night during Taba holidays.

Taba – Weather & Climate

The weather remains warm all year long in most of Egypt and this is certainly the case when it comes to Taba Heights. Summer has some incredible weather during the peak months of June, July and August. During the daytime the temperatures are known to regularly exceed 40°C. You can expect at least 12 hours of constant sunshine during the day so it’s important to bring plenty of sun tan lotion, particularly if you are fair skinned.

The winter in Taba Heights is probably as warm as summer in the UK. The odd bout of rain may come during winter but it clears up very quickly. December is the coldest month of the year but it still managed to experience temperatures around 20°C during the daytime. Taba holidays are ideal if you prefer escaping the dismal winter weather back home.

Where is Taba?

Take a look at this map of Taba before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Taba

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