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France Holidays

Hit the Slopes or Head to the Beach in France this Year

Tourists, sunbeds and parasols populate the beach in Nice, France, near the Promenade des Anglais in summer

France – What We Know

France is not only one Europe’s most holiday destinations, people from all around the world travel to the country’s various coasts, towns, cities and ski resorts to enjoy relaxing getaways and fun filled vacations. You have plenty of option when choosing what kind of France holiday you are looking for. Head to one of the many ski resorts based around the foot of the Alps in South Eastern area of France. South of France holidays, and to some extent the North, are very popular with holidaymakers looking to enjoy the warm weather on the beautiful beaches. Families have been flocking to Disneyland Paris from all over Europe ever since it’s opening and has remained a very popular attraction. Many people enjoy France holidays exploring both the country’s magnificent and proud history from its good days to its bad days, tourists also delight in the modern aspects of the country too in the many glittering cities.

France is one of Europe’s largest countries and all of its major cities and holiday destinations have international airports in close proximity. This fact makes transfer from the airport to your accommodation and destination very swift allowing you to enjoy your holidays in France as soon as you land.

You can expect every sort of accommodation to be available throughout France, especially in all the popular tourist destinations. There are various lodges and hotels available for those looking to enjoy a ski holiday out towards the Alps. Those thinking of South of France holidays may be interested in securing a beautiful villa close to the coast or in the scenic countryside. If you are enjoying a long weekend in one of France’s dazzling cities then you will have the choice of 1 to 5 star hotels, the option is there to stay in reasonably priced accommodation or hotels that a laced with luxury.

Often many people choice to hire a car or in some cases even drive themselves over to France. Many tourists appreciate the freedom to explore with their own car on France holidays unless they are in the city. The public transport available in France is very good and you will find many buses and trains available in most areas helping you get around.

France – Fun & Nightlife

View from Alexander III bridge in Paris with the Eiffel tower

The cities are great destinations for tourists as you can visit them at any point during the year and expect to enjoy an unforgettable experience. In Paris you can enjoy a whole host of sights and splendour, scale the Eiffel Tower at night and stop off at the beautiful restaurant there which offers magnificent views of the whole city. Places like the Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre are popular ‘must sees’ when visiting the romantic ‘City of Light’. The nights in Paris are very classy with many top bars serving a wide range of beautifully tasting wines for you to enjoy on France holidays.

Lyon is France’s third largest city and offers a fantastic cultural experience for tourists to come and enjoy. You can buy a Lyon City Card for 1, 2 or 3 days which entitles you to free rides on public transport as well as free access to various sites and museums. Head to the St. Jean Cathedral and enjoy the streets and traboules on the way. Experience the Musees Gadagne and the Parc de la Tete d’Or to top of your stay in this wonderful city.

Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction in Europe. That fact indicates the huge popularity the park has with families across the continent. Disneyland needs little introduction as a place where children can meet there favourite characters in person and experience a magical France holiday.

The various ski resorts based up in the French Alps are a great place for everyone to enjoy, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced skier. Skiing isn’t the only outdoor sport you can expect enjoy on France holidays in the Alps, you can choose from mountaineering, paragliding, white water rafting and even a game or two of golf.

The South Coast is another place in France which is popular with just about everybody during summer. With place like Monaco, Marseille and the Island of Corsica to choose from then there are plenty of beaches offering tourists the perfect chance to lay back and relax. Of course they is plenty to do inland but the beach provides various water sports during summer which is very popular with tourists.

If you weren’t sure if there was much shopping available in France then you must be mad! The cities will offer up some huge international brand names when it comes to clothes, perfume and jewellery. If you are looking to spend a bit of shopping then you will certainly be able to. Most things will be expensive but most people going on France holidays will already know and anticipate this. There are plenty of quaint markets in most areas of France too where you are likely to find fantastic souvenirs.

France – Food & Nightlife

Typical French bar and restaurant

The food in France is excellent. During your holidays in France you will have quite a challenge ahead of you if you intend to find a restaurant serving mediocre food. While the traditional French dishes might not be for everybody there cuisine in general is quite varied offering something for everyone. No matter if you are staying in the city or out on the coast on France holidays you will find that French cuisine is simply sublime. There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to food also with various Italian style restaurants which tourists find much more universal. During the day if you want to pick up a light bite during sightseeing then you will find all the popular fast food chains in close proximity. A common misconception about food in France is the Paris is the country culinary centre when in actually fact it is seen as the second best place to eat, behind Lyon.

Wine is of course a popular drink in France the various produces of it are simply divine. You will find plenty of great places to enjoy a quite drink and there are places where you begin a busy night. The bars remain classy and upper class and the pubs are where you are able to unwind a little more and enjoy various lagers and ales. Many clubs stay open as late as 5am allowing you to experience a lively night out. France’s culture goes way beyond the drinking one, head out to the theatre on the evening and delight in some beautiful ballet or entertaining cabaret shows. Casinos, Cinemas, you name it it’s got it. France has everything and more on offer on an evening whatever you are in the mood for.

France – Weather Info

View of Mediterranean resort Nice in Cote d'Azur, France

During South of France holidays you can expect to enjoy some fantastic summer weather which helps you to relax on the beautiful beaches. In places like Monaco and Marseille you will be able to enjoy high temperatures over the peak summer months of July and August with numbers over 25°C a regular occurrence. Along with 10 hours of pure sunshine a day you will have plenty of time to work on your summer tan. Winters will be fairly cold though the temperatures won’t fall below 0°C. More rain will occur during the winter months also with things not looking much better until Late April, May.

If you are looking to enjoy a city break for your France holidays then you can expect the weather to be good in parts, but not as good as the coast. Summers in Paris are warm and you can expect the temperature to average just around 25°C during July and August. Alternatively in Lyon, which is located a little more south, experiences temperatures of around 27°C during summer. However, winters in Lyon tend to be a touch colder than those in Paris, though weather is rarely a consideration when visiting these two magnificent cities.

If you are heading to the French Alps then weather certainly is an issue but not the fact that it is warm. While the summer temperatures go as high as 20°C and do provide some sun, this means that more of the snow melts away. The popular times to visit are in autumn and winter when the temperature drops and the snow remains, enabling skiers to enjoy best of the French Alps during their holidays.

Where is France?

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Map of France

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