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Holidays in Cannes

Enjoy the delights of a Cannes holiday

Cannes bay in Alpes Maritimes French Riviera, France

Cannes - A Spectacular French Holiday Destination

Cannes was once a small fishing village which has developed into one of the most glamorous coastal towns in France. Cannes holidays are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the classic combination of sun, sea and sand whilst also exploring one of the most exciting destinations on the French Riviera. The town is recognised by many for its annual film festival which takes place every May; many famous faces in the film industry can often be found walking the red carpet on the spectacular steps of the Palais des Festivals. Tourists will enjoy discovering the beautiful natural scenery around Cannes with cobble streets and outdoor cafes offering views across the beautiful bay area. One of the most popular areas to explore during a holiday in Cannes is the large marina, where hundreds of boats are moored throughout the summer months.

Accommodation around the town is varied with something to suit all holiday budgets. The majority of the hotels in Cannes offer 3-5* quality facilities and a range of board options to suit all types of travellers. Those looking for budget accommodation can take their pick of the many campsites, B&B’s and hostels that are located on the outskirts of the main tourist area. During the peak summer months and whilst the film festival is taking place the accommodation gets booked up very quickly, therefore it is advised to plan your trip well in advance.

Families, couples and travellers of all ages will all find something to suit their tastes during a holiday to Cannes. With sunshine, clear skies and plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy, this French town is one of the must visit places on any travel itinerary. There are many fantastic Cannes holiday deals available right now, so why wait to book your Cannes escape?

Cannes - Sightseeing and Attractions

There are plenty of amazing things to see and do during a holiday in Cannes whether you prefer to relax and unwind or experience some of the more active pursuits. The Old Town area boasts many winding narrow streets lined with authentic cafes, bars and souvenir shops. Many tourists choose to walk through the town up to the ancient castle ruins that look out over the magnificent bay area. There are several markets to explore during a holiday to Cannes however the biggest and best is the spectacular covered market in Meynardiers. Visitors can pick up some fantastic local produce including culinary delicacies, jewellery and clothing whilst also enjoying some of the street performers around the market stalls. A stroll along the marina is another fantastic way to spend a day in Cannes, along with the hundreds of yachts there are plenty of high quality eateries and bars to enjoy.

Holidays in Cannes are also ideal for beach lovers with both public and private stretches of sand available for guests to use. The public beaches are often crowded therefore it is advised to arrive early, as the sun sets the beaches are also the setting for fantastic firework displays, a great way to end a day in Cannes. There are two islands within the bay area in Cannes that are perfect setting for a Cannes holiday excursion. The smaller island, Ste Honorat has the remains of both a monastery and a ruined castle that visitors can explore. The larger of the two islands is Ste Marguerite, which has its own collection of ancient ruins along with plenty of idyllic coves to enjoy a peaceful bathing experience. For a more active Cannes holiday experience tourists can charter a yacht to explore the coastline or even take advantage of some of the many water sport activities available on the beaches.

Tourists looking to learn more about the culture and history of the town can head to one of the many museums and galleries around the area. The Tour du masque is a highly popular choice for visitors and explores the legend of the mysterious ‘Man in the Iron Mask’. The Musee d’Art Histoire is another great attraction that boasts paintings and relics from prehistoric times to the present day. Shopping is another popular reason to take advantage of Cannes holidays with plenty of boutiques offering designer labels and luxury fashions, those hoping to avoid over spending can still find the typical range of souvenir and gift shops around the main tourist areas.

Getting around during a holiday in Cannes is easy with almost everything within walking distance of the main hotels. Those looking to travel further afield can take advantage of the buses; taxis and car hire companies that are around the region.

Cannes - Nightlife and Cuisine

French cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world and those enjoying holidays in Cannes can look forward to a range of culinary delights and delicacies. The most popular restaurants in Cannes are situated along the water front offering menus to suit all travel budgets. Some of the staple ingredients include fresh seafood, grilled meats and plenty or local vegetables and dairy products. French cuisine is very rich and flavoursome with many high quality restaurants around the area that are ideal for those looking for an extra special dining experience. Couples enjoying a Cannes holiday will appreciate the romantic atmosphere in the historic quarter of Le Cannet, a northern suburb of Cannes that boasts a vast array of intimate restaurants.

The nightlife in Cannes is especially varied with a range of bars and nightclubs around the town that offer a range of different evening experiences. Those looking to enjoy a lively night out will love the atmosphere in central Cannes where the bars and lively and there is a contemporary, cosmopolitan feel about the area. For a more relaxed night the areas on the outskirts of town offer traditional French bars filled with many variations of delicious French wines and beers. For a diverse evening experience holidays in Cannes are definitely a memorable choice.

Cannes - Weather and Climate

Situated in south-eastern France, Cannes enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with good weather all year round. Holidays to Cannes are ideal for sun lovers especially from May to September when the temperatures are at their highest. There is a constant sea breeze that ensures that the town stays at a comfortable level, ideal for those looking to enjoy sightseeing during their Cannes holiday. There is hardly any rainfall throughout the year however visitors should pack a waterproof if visiting during the winter months, as there is a chance of an odd heavy shower.

During the summer months the town sees around 12 hours of sunshine per day with temperatures reaching a high of 27°C during July and August. The water temperatures tend to stay fairly warm, perfect for those looking to take advantage of the many water sports on offer.

Where is Cannes?

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Map of Cannes
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