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Corsica Holidays

Enjoy Summers in France

In Corsica you can find Girolata bay in the natural reserve of Scandola

Corsica – Island off the South Coast of France

The various regions along the coast of Corsica offer many fantastic destinations for holidaymakers to choose from when considering a summer holiday in the Mediterranean. Corsica holidays offer a vast and varied landscapes as well as stunning shores to relax on and enjoy endless hours of summer sun. Also known as ‘Island of Beauty’ you can get an understanding of what Corsica is like before ever having step foot on the island. Despite being much closer to the shores of Italy, Corsica holidays are a French experience. There are four airports on the island; Ajaccio, Calvi, Figari and Bastia. The airports are located close enough to the big cities though public transport to and from isn’t too frequent so prearranging transfers is recommended for Corsica holidays.

You will find that the accommodation across the island and in various cities is varied which allows many tourists to come and enjoy Corsica holidays. The cities provide plenty of luxury accommodation where you can enjoy a comfortable stay with top facilities. Resorts around the coast have great value hotels and apartments offering all inclusive and self catering options for guest to choose from. Tourists will find all accommodation very welcoming and of a high standard on Corsica holidays. Some holiday makers who will be doing a lot of exploration choose to camp on Corsica holidays, in which case there are plenty of campsites available near popular landmarks and attractions.

Public transport is good when you are in one of the cities or the busier resorts otherwise tourists tend to get hire cars to allow them to travel freely around the French Island.

Corsica – Sightseeing & Activities

The coastline of Corsica provide plenty of fantastic beaches to choose from and most summer resorts are located within walking distance of the nearest. Around the beach you will find plenty to keep you and your family or friends entertained all day long during Corsica holidays. Whether you decide to relax on a sun lounger this summer or enjoy one of the lively waters sports such as jet skiing, you’re sure to enjoy all that’s on offer on the beaches of Corsica.

This island of beauty has much to explore, most of which can be done on your own accord. You might choose one day to simply venture out into the vast scenery to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna flourishing on Corsica holidays. Go on a drive to the foot of the Corsica Mountains and scale various peaks, of course this it is recommended that you go on one of the organised excursions with well experienced hikers who know the terrain. The G20 isn’t a trail to be taken lightly. Various excursions will lead you along popular trails and you can even enjoy a boat trip over to Sardinia.

During the colder winter months snow falls across the Corsica Mountains which then transforms certain regions of the island into great ski resorts adding another factor and reason to come and enjoy Corsica holidays.

Away from the natural beauty you may want to submerge yourself in the cities, there you can explore the development of civilisation with the older buildings to the modern structures. Here you can enjoy Corsica holidays in a more contemporary fashion with popular activities such as cinema going and shopping as well as other various delights.

Corsica – Cuisine & Nightlife

As far as food goes Corsica holidays offer some of the best in Europe. The French and Italian people pride themselves on their exquisite cuisines and national dishes, and here in Corsica you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. The cities like Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi have plenty of first rate restaurants serving great meals that will have you coming back for more. Aside from the popular cuisine on the island you will also come across other options which include Chinese and Indian restaurants. During the day there are plenty of cafes, bistros and fast food options to choose from if you are looking for a light bite.

Sampling the locally brewed beers and bottled wines is something of an activity in its own right on Corsica holidays. You will find many bars and pubs in the cities and coastal resorts which will allow you to enjoy as much or as little of the local produce as you wish. Over summer you will find various clubs open for tourists who are looking to enjoy lively night’s as much as lively days. Evenings can be spent doing various other things other than drinking in the cities.

Corsica – Weather & Climate

The weather on Corsica holidays is typical of the Mediterranean over summer, there’s rarely ever a bad day. Expect the best of the weather to come during summer and in particularly the months July and August when the temperatures will average around 30°C during the day. This weather is of course ideal for the sun seekers of summer who can spend the best part of the day at the beach working on a great tan courtesy of 12 hours of cloudless skies.

September and October still enjoy some good weather as the months creep into the winter season, but on average the days you can still expect average temperatures of well over 10°C. The winter months will of course be colder and even the peaks of the Corsica Mountains will be covered in snow which is why it becomes such a great place for ski holidays too.

Where is Corsica?

Take a look at this map of Corsica before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Corsica
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