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Lyon Holidays

Enjoy Luxurious French Culture

Lyon cityscape from Saone river

Lyon – France's Third Largest City

Lyon holidays are popular with tourists for a variety of reasons as it has a fascinating history, great cuisine and close locality to various ski resorts. Anytime of the year is a good enough time to consider a visit to one of France’s most significant cities. Families can enjoy a luxurious escape to the city to explore its various attractions or take ski trips nearby, couples and groups of singles can enjoy the modern aspects of this bustling city.

Your flight will land at Saint-Exupery Airport which is located just a couple miles outside the city centre. You will enjoy a short and swift transfer over to accommodation in Lyon.

If you are looking for luxury or low cost accommodation when choosing a hotel, Lyon is a place which can certainly meet your requirements. Such a large city offers plenty of places to consider. 5 star hotels are one such example for you to enjoy, there you can relax in comfortable surroundings and have various top class facilities and services on offer. There are also Lyon holiday apartments which can suit those looking to enjoy their stay on a self catering basis allowing them to taste the delights of the city. Hostels are another option to consider if you are travelling to Lyon on a strict budget.

When you are looking to travel around the city to visit various landmarks and attractions you will have the option of buses, trams and a metro system to help you get about. Taxis are also an option if you are worried about getting lost on a Lyon holiday.

Lyon – Sightseeing & Activities

Although this may seem a bit tame, but taking walks around the city are the best way to truly enjoy all that is going on. You will discover much more if you try to create your own adventure. The various districts have contrasting architecture which shows Lyon transform from its modern nucleus into the more quaint and historic areas.

There are many things to look out for during your exploration on Lyon holidays. Old Lyon is regarded as one of the largest Renaissance areas in the whole of Europe. There you will find iconic structures such as the churches of St Paul, St Georges and St Jean Cathedral. The cathedral has an interesting archaeological garden where there are various remains dated back to the 4th century. Also keep an eye out for the Roman theatres that have been kept in very good condition and are still used over the summer. The Mur des Lyonnais is a wall which has had the faces of famous residents painted across it. Boat trips along the Saone are another way to enjoy travelling through Lyon. One stop on the boat trip is to Ile Barbe which is a small island that has Notre-Dame remains from the 5th century.

The shopping possibilities available during a Lyon holiday provide you with plenty of options. You can go shopping for antiques and elegant souvenirs as mementoes your French adventure. If you want to buy international brand goods then you will be spoilt for choice as there are various places offering those things throughout the many malls.

Lyon – Cuisine & Nightlife

Paris is often seen as the centre of French cuisine but it is in fact Lyon. In any of the restaurants within the city you will be able to enjoy a magnificent meal like no other. Cafes and bistros give you the chance to enjoy light meals during the day whereas on the evening you can delight in a world class meal. Add a glass of locally produced wine to your meal to make the experience that little bit more exquisite. Your Lyon holiday can provide you with so much more than French cuisine, as you might expect, and you can even pick up food from various fast food restaurants too.

You will find typically British style pubs are one way to enjoy a night in Lyon, but by following the local culture you can spend a night in one of the wine bars and enjoy a few bottles of some divine French produce. Night boat rides are popular with tourists on Lyon holidays. Live jazz music is something which Lyon has plenty of and many clubs will have performances on most nights. If you are looking to enjoy a night in the theatre you can buy tickets to the ballet. The cinema is a big part of life in Lyon and you will find venues showing French films as well as worldwide blockbusters.

Lyon – Weather & Climate

The summer is the best time to visit if you don’t want to pack a jacket in your suitcase. Lyons holidays over summer welcome average temperatures well over 20°C, though in the peak months of July and August it will be closer to 30°C. Weather isn’t overly important to what you are able to do in Lyon, but people which much rather be warmer than cold when exploring the city’s streets.

Many use Lyon holidays as a base to enjoy an excursion to the mountains and spend the day skiing down the slopes. The weather during this time will of course be cold and snow will cover the region. You may react with disappointment but this time of year provides a magical glow which can charm you and have you returning the next year.

Where is Lyon?

Take a look at this map of Lyon before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Lyon
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