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Gambia Holidays

Enjoy a Tropical Experience


The Gambia – West Coast of Africa

The coast of Africa is growing in popularity and it seems every part of the continent’s coast is getting attention, particularly the west coast where you will find the tropical nation The Gambia. For those tourists who are interested in exploring the true Africa, holidays to Gambia are one such place you can experience this. Safaris and nature reserves are the most popular excursion which all tourists come to enjoy, but there is so much more to the nation.

Charter flights tend to be the best way to arrive in Gambia mainly coming from the Senegalese capital Dakar and from Nigeria also. When you get on Gambia flights you will be heading towards the country’s capital Banjul and the Banjul International Airport in particular.

Most accommodation is found within the main areas and towns of the nation which are located close to the countries coast. Most people tend to stay in capital Banjul or one of the designated tourist resorts. The options available during a holiday to Gambia include many 5 star luxury hotels which are mainly located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In such accommodation you will find that everything is 5 star, from the room down to the facilities. There are Gambia hotels offering some more reasonably priced accommodation as well as camps and lodges found further inland close to the nature reserves.

Transport for tourists is fairly limited though all excursions will offer coaches. Hire cars and bikes are popular as it allows tourists to travel at their own pace. Taxis are another alternative for getting around.

Sightseeing & Activities

With a coast on the Atlantic Ocean you can expect to find a stunning beach where you can enjoy all the best weather throughout the whole day. The beach offers you a safe environment where you and the family can relax. Water sports are another alternative for tourists looking to enjoy the great amount of sunshine on offer each day.

Coming inland you will find the most popular excursions to places like the Abuko Nature Reserve and other wildlife areas. Guided jeep tours allow you to explore and experience some of the world’s most fascinating animals in their natural habitats. One place worth visiting on holidays in Gambia is the Kachikally Crocodile Pool, this place speaks for itself. A day here allows you to get close enough to touch these dangerous and magnificent creatures. Some people enjoy travelling further during their time in the region by visiting the large nation of Senegal.

Shopping can be a great experience in The Gambia. There are many stalls and markets running throughout the day, and it is there where you will find plenty of great souvenirs. Handmade crafts and locally produced items are the most prominent. Carvings, wooden masks and tailor made clothes are something that is in great supply. Musical instruments are another item which is available for purchase. Many people end up heading home with some authentic African drums.

Cuisine & Nightlife

Enjoy some tasty Gambian and African cuisine during you time away, you may find that you are pleasantly surprised. There are plenty of renowned national delicacies that you will be able to try in various restaurants throughout the nation. If you aren’t willing to enjoy the national cuisine on most nights, then you will find that various European meals are present in a lot of hotels and restaurants on an evening. There are taverns and cafes open when you are looking for light meals during days of heavy exploration on Gambia holidays.

In the main tourist areas you will find a few pubs and bars where you can enjoy some popular international drinks as well as many popular drinks from The Gambia. Luxury hotels tend to provide plenty of evening entertainment for their guests, this will include various live shows ranging from music to comedy acts. It is wise to keep to the main tourist areas on an evening for safety reasons, especially if you aren’t familiar with the region.

Weather & Climate

The African climate in general is seen as one of the hottest in the world and you can expect to enjoy great temperatures no matter when you choose to visit The Gambia. Throughout the whole of the year the temperatures can climb as high as 30°C in the country with the peak months considered to be March and April. During the summer period there will be around 10 hours of sun each day at least.

Winter is certainly a season, but the weather certainly won’t show it. The colder months in the UK are accompanied by snow and rain, not 8 hours of sunshine. There will be the odd tropical rain storm during what is considered the colder months, but the temperatures will always be around triple what they are in the UK. Anytime is ideal for Gambia holidays although July through to September can experience heavy showers.

Where is Gambia?

Take a look at this map of Gambia before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Gambia
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