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Holidays in Germany

A Diverse Holiday Destination

Aerial view of Munchen, Germany

Germany - A Diverse Country in Central Europe

Germany is a large country situated in central Europe and is one of the most popular destinations for anyone looking for more than just sun, sea and sand. Holidays in Germany are extremely diverse, from the bustling cities to the rugged countryside there is something to suit all holiday tastes. One of the main attractions of a Germany break is the spectacular scenery, the majestic mountain ranges contrasts beautifully with the sparkling rivers and historic architecture, perfect for anyone looking to discover what the country has to offer.

Accommodation in the country is varied with everything from international hotels chains to rustic cottages to choose from. Germany hotels range from basic hostels to luxury 5* resorts offering something for all holiday budgets. Those enjoying a city break in cities such as Berlin or Munich can take their pick of fantastic city centre accommodation, perfect for exploring the sights and sounds of some of the world’s most popular destinations.

There is a wide range of things to see and do during a holiday in Germany including exploring the cities, taking advantage of the scenery with a wellness break or visiting one of the many family resorts in the German countryside. Germany boasts a warm climate, perfect for sightseeing and exploring the resorts. There is also a wide range of festivals and events occurring throughout the year perfect for ensuring that you are guaranteed to enjoy a memorable break.

With so many great Germany holiday deals available right now; there has never been a better time to discover the magic of this diverse, exciting country.

Germany - Sightseeing and Activities

Germany offers an almost never-ending array of fantastic activities and attractions to ensure that your holiday is never dull. Sightseeing is one of the most popular pastimes, ideal for those enjoying a Germany city break. There are plenty of castles, palaces, war monuments and fascinating architecture to discover during your stay. Those enjoying a holiday in Berlin can explore the history of this vibrant city with trips to the site of the Berlin Wall and excursions to some of the many art districts to learn more about the city’s culture.

Anyone enjoying a holiday in the beautiful German countryside can take advantage of the hiking trails that run through the mountains. There are plenty of lakes to explore along with opportunities for horse riding, mountain biking and other sporting activities including tennis and swimming. Holidays to Germany are perfect for anyone looking for exciting days out with the whole family, there are several theme parks and zoo’s around the country that are ideal for exploring during a German break.

Shopping in Germany is another popular way to spend your time during a holiday in this unique country. From traditional markets to designer shopping malls and boutiques, holidays in Germany are perfect for bargain hunters and label lovers. Cities such as Munich are the best place to find well known labels whereas countryside resorts are ideal for picking up some authentic local produce including embroided linens and ceramic goods. Getting around the country is easy with plenty of transport links between the different locations, buses, trains and tram lines can be found in all large cities and towns, those looking to travel further around the country can take advantage of the many regional airports.

Germany - Nightlife and Cuisine

Where ever you stay during your Germany holiday you are guaranteed to find a vibrant nightlife with something to suit all tastes and budgets. The large cities all boast a wide range of fantastic bars and nightclubs that stay open until the early hours, expect to find a wide variety of music playing from popular German tunes to international favourites. Those looking for a quieter experience will appreciate the wide range of smaller jazz and cocktail bars that are located around the cities; Berlin especially is the perfect place to soak up some of the fantastic culture during a holiday in Germany. The national beverage in Germany is beer and visitors can find a wide selection of local beers and lagers around the country, Germany holidays are also ideal for wine lovers as there are several wine producing regions around the countryside.

German cuisine is another fantastic reason to enjoy a holiday to Germany with plenty of authentic restaurants and cafes serving the best local dishes. Where ever you stay in Germany you are guaranteed to find somewhere to sample some of the delicious cuisine, some of the staple ingredients include stewed meats, casseroles and the hundreds of varieties of German sausage. Fish is another popular menu item along with locally produced vegetables and dairy products; no Germany break is complete without getting a real taste for the country. Those looking for more familiar tastes can take advantage of the many international eateries and fast food restaurants that can be found in all of the main tourist areas.

Germany - Weather and Climate

The climate in Germany varies from region to region with opportunities to visit the country all year round. The mountainous regions are typically cooler whereas the cities tend to enjoy warmer temperatures. The summers tend to be long and dry with temperatures reaching the high twenties. The most popular time to enjoy holidays in Germany is from May to September when the temperatures are at their highest and the resorts are at their busiest. Those looking for a quieter experience can head to the country from January to April when the main cities and tourist resorts are less crowded and the temperatures are lower. The winters in Germany are ideal for those looking to enjoy some winter sports especially around the Alps; the snow fall is often heavy and perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Temperatures often reach around -10°C therefore it is advised to pack warm clothing if you are planning a Germany ski holiday.

Where is Germany?

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Map of Germany

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