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Gibraltar Holidays

Experience a Very Unique Holiday This Year

Gibraltar Rock, Gibraltar town and bay, by the Mediterranean Sea

Gibraltar – Southern Europe

Enjoy a Gibraltar holiday this year on the southern most part of Spain which is actually territory of the United Kingdom. This unique holiday destination is great for all tourists looking to take a break in a different place and certainly the hottest area of the UK. Most people come to explore the various caves and tunnels that can be found in the popular landmark the Rock of Gibraltar. As a very warm destination a few miles short of the coast of Africa you can expect there to be beaches to enjoy your holiday in Gibraltar.

As Gibraltar is a fairly small place your transfer from Gibraltar Airport is never too lengthy and you can expect to arrive at your accommodation within a 30 minute journey.

There is plenty of Gibraltar accommodation to choose from on your holiday ranging from luxury options to more budget rooms, making it so anybody can enjoy a holiday to Gibraltar. Stay at one of the luxury Gibraltar hotels and enjoy a high quality accommodation on your stay, or head out to one of the guest house’s to find more reasonable prices for rooms.

There is a regular bus service available for tourists to get around Gibraltar as well as across the border and into Spain also.

Gibraltar – Fun & Activities

Monkey by the sea in Gibraltar

The beach is always the place to be in hot summer destinations and on your holidays to Gibraltar is no different and the best option available is the Eastern Beach. As Gibraltar’s largest beach there is plenty of room to lie back on a sun lounger and enjoy the fantastic summer weather. The Spanish holiday town of Tarifa, which is located a few miles west of Gibraltar, offers up great surfing and body boarding facilities that are worth experiencing one day.

The various parts of the Rock of Gibraltar provide much of the activities on the island and is why many tourists visit the UK territory. The Europa Point is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea and from the same place you are able to see the coast of North Africa. At the upper part of ‘the Rock’ there is a nature reserve which is home to the famous Barbary Macaques. The Siege Tunnels were built during the Great Siege as a defence system but now act as a tourist attraction. St. Michaels Cave is also very popular attraction in Gibraltar, it is a natural grotto once used by early inhabitants of ‘the Rock’. Those for a head for heights should give the Mediterranean Steps a try which take you all the way up to the East side of the Rock of Gibraltar.

There are a decent variety of shops in Gibraltar where you can pick up various items from clothes to food groceries. The best part about shopping whilst on holiday in Gibraltar is that the UK pound is accepted so you have no need to exchange your money into Euros though shops will accept that also.

Gibraltar – Food & Nightlife

Mosque at the Europa Point in Gibraltar at night

As Gibraltar is part of UK territory you can expect to find plenty pubs and British style restaurants available for tourists to enjoy. Along the marina there are plenty of excellent fish food restaurants to try and enjoy as well as a Mexican restaurant too. There are plenty of cafes and of course the pubs will serve food during the day for those looking to enjoy a sit down snack whilst exploring on their holiday in Gibraltar. If you are staying at one of the Gibraltar hotels you will be able to enjoy a meal there too, especially in one of the up market accommodations.

The nightlife during your holiday in Gibraltar is very good, along with the many British and Irish pubs around the place there are plenty of bars to enjoy drinks during the warm nights. Various bars offer various types of music and live entertainment for tourists to enjoy. Casemates Square is definitely the place to be as this is where most of the popular bars and restaurants are. Gibraltar also has its own Ladbrokes International Casino where you can spend evenings trying to find you fortune, though be wary of losing it too.

Gibraltar – Weather Info

Marmoset on a rock in Gibraltar with Morocco Coast in the background

As one of the most southerly tips of mainland Europe you can expect your holidays in Gibraltar to have plenty of heat. During summer you can expect temperatures to stay above the 20°C fairly constantly. The peak summer months are July and August during which time the temperature can go as high as 30°C, not bad for a UK summer. The cloudless skies provide around 12 hours of sunshine a day which is ideal for working on a great summer tan.

The winters in Gibraltar are warm and it makes the place to get away from the colder winters back on the UK’s mainland. Over the course of winter the temperatures will be lower than summer, of course, though it will rarely ever get any colder than 10°C. Rain will come and go during winter but once spring comes around the temperatures rise and the sun becomes much more prominent once again.

Where is Gibraltar?

Take a look at this map of Gibraltar before you go. Click to view an interactive version.

Map of Gibraltar
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